Cochlear Implant: A Revolution to Improve Hearing

Cochlear implants are electronic medical devices recommended for children and adults who have bilateral hearing loss or sensorineural single-sided. They can’t communicate effectively even with hearing aids. A person suffering from sensorineural perceptive or cochlear hearing loss, your sensor cells of the inner ear can be insufficient or damaged for proper hearing. Advanced Bionics has announced a cochlear implant to improve hearing.

The new wireless receivers may give you seamless and better connectivity.  Naida CI Connect receiver of Advanced Bionics is a great invention. Latest technology can be a blessing for people with hearing impairment. For these users, hands-free calls and audio streaming is a challenge. The latest Naida CI Connect can be an excellent solution for this issue. With its help, the wearer can enjoy modern life.

With the partnership of Phonak and Bionics, hands-free calling is possible with built-in microphones. This device is compatible with every Bluetooth-enabled tablets, MP3 players and laptops. The latest technology is famous to improve the life of a person with hearing issues. Being a world-class leader, Advanced Bionics is developing the best hearing solutions. If you are experiencing any hearing loss, you can buy a Crochet implant for your comfort.

Suitable for Adults and Children

With a cochlear implant, damaged parts of your inner area provide signals of sound to the brain. This device is equally beneficial for adults and children. Cochlear implants allow users to take direct calls and stream music. For deaf and prelingual children, a cochlear implant is recommended at 12 to 18 months. The hearing skill is essential to develop language.  

Bilateral or Single-sided

Cochlear implantation is necessary for a person suffering from hearing the loss in both ears or one ear. In the case of bilateral hearing loss, you will need implants in both ears to locate sound and understand the noisy environment. Advanced technology allows you to enable stereo acuity of sound.

Who can use cochlear implants?

In several cases, you have to visit implantation. They will examine you and decide if cochlear implantation is suitable. Along with some medication indications, here are some rules for this solution:

  • If traditional hearing aids are sufficient for a patient to understand speech, you may not need this implantation.
  • It is not a good solution for a person whose auditory nerves are non-existent or too damaged. With a petrified ossified, you may need other solutions like brainstem implants.
  • Cochlear implantation can’t be a good choice for you if you are not allowed to undergo surgery.

How do cochlear implants work?

People often suffer their hearing loss because of damaged cells in the cochlea. With an advance cochlear implant, the sound transferred to hearing nerves so that you can listen to voices around you. See this procedure:

  • When you wear a sound processor behind your earn or on your body, it captures sound and successfully converts it into digital codes. The sound processors come with a battery to power the whole system.
  • This digitally coded sound is transmitted through a coil on the outside of the head to an implant. Your implant converts the audio (digitally coded) into electrical impulses. This converted sound is transferred along an electrode array in the inner ear (cochlea).
  • The electrodes of implant stimulate the hearing nerve of cochlear and then send the impulses to your brain where these are inferred as sound.

Advantages of Cochlear Implants

With the use of cochlear implants, people with hearing impairment can enjoy music and hands-free calls. The patients can hear environmental sounds and conversation at their comfort level. It will be easy for them to identify and detect sounds in the environment. Cochlear implants help them to maintain a suitable level of vocal loudness. You will be able to understand accurately without excessive efforts.

You can consider advanced bionics implant for your hair loss. It will help you to pick up different sounds, such as loud, medium and soft sounds. Cochlear implants work wonder than other hearing aids. Once you buy it, you will not reconnect with the wrong sound. You will feel safe in the world because you can hear people calling, approaching vehicles and alarms. Before choosing an implant, you are advised to consult your physician.

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