Four Signs That Your Wife May Be Unfaithful

Do you suspect your wife is cheating on you?

Do you suspect your wife is cheating on you? Maybe something she’s done recently made you raise an eyebrow and begin to wonder. Relationships can ebb and flow just like a body of water. If you are attuned to the rhythm of the relationship, you may sense that the tides have shifted. Perhaps she’s staying late at work more often or going out with the “girls” every week instead of every month. Maybe she’s just too tired for intimacy anymore and has rejected your last few overtures. Whatever the red flag that’s been raised, here are four signs of a cheating wife you need to watch for in your spouse.

  1. Are you still emotionally connected to her? Or do you feel as if that emotional connection has been lost? Women that feel emotionally connected to their partner often aren’t looking for a chance to cheat. Females, in general, are more prone to emotional cheating, which manifests itself as online relationships as opposed to steamy motel hookups. If she is not getting what she needs from you emotionally, she may be seeking it out on the Internet, with a coworker, or somewhere else. Whereas guys are more likely to cheat physically, women are often swayed by emotional connections. This could mean simple texting with another man or it could mean deep, intimate conversations on the phone with someone. Make sure that you keep your emotional connection active to prevent her from finding it with someone else.
  2. Is she hiding her phone from you? Previously the two of you would Netflix and chill on the sofa while she pinned recipes and cat memes on Pinterest. Now she keeps her phone safely hidden in her purse or in another room entirely. This change in habit could be a sign of a cheating wife and she doesn’t want you to find out about her latest obsession. Perhaps she is worried that you might catch a glimpse of her text messages and is trying to keep her conversations secret while you are around. Whatever the reason for her sudden reticence, be alert to this change in pattern and behavior. Our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves these days so they may hold more secrets than she’s willing to share.
  3. Do you feel that there is less communication now? A sign of a cheating wife—whether in real life or online—she will become much less communicative with you, her significant other because she is communicating more with someone else. If her emotional needs are being met elsewhere, she will have no need for long conversations with you. This goes back to emotional connections. Be alert if she comes home from having drinks with friends and has no gossip or details to share, even small stuff like what bar or restaurant they went to that night. She could just be having an off night and doesn’t feel like talking, but it could also be a sign that her attention has been diverted somewhere else. If you notice a pattern of less communication emerging, be on the lookout for other signs of a cheating wife.
  4. Has her appearance changed in drastic ways recently? Someone who is looking to impress someone other than you may have splurged for a new haircut, joined a gym to firm up and get fit, or even done something extreme and out of character like gotting a new tattoo. Pay attention to the little details if you suspect your woman of cheating on you. Although she will get dressed up for a night on the town with you, most evenings are spent in PJs or sweatpants if you’ve lived together for a while. If she has exchanged her nightly sweats for something sexier or dressier pay attention, especially if she’s going out a lot more now. We are all creatures of habit and if those habits change, there is usually a reason behind it. You may have good reason to be suspicious if her appearance has changed recently.

Darrin Giglio, lead investigator a leading Manhattan private investigator, recommends caution and preparedness if you notice signs of a cheating wife or girlfriend. “Caution because some things are illegal to do if you are a civilian,” Giglio said, “and preparedness because a private investigator may be better at uncovering the truth for you.” For instance, Giglio recommends that you don’t do something like hack her phone or social media accounts, bug her car or truck, or install keylogging software on her phone or computer. “All of these things are illegal,” Giglio said. “A private eye can find real evidence the legal way to ease your mind.” Whatever kind of proof you need to confirm or dismiss your suspicions of cheating, play it smart and leave the legwork to professional investigators.

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