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Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, MAULX(pronounced MAUL-X) is on the quest to take the hip hop world by storm. Currently based in the Washington, DC metro area, MAULX aims to cause permanent eargasms with the eclectic sound of his new single “Vertigo”. Taken from his upcoming album VORTEX, a conceptual project based on the perception of alternate realities and time,“Vertigo’s” entrancing vibe, paired with uplifting lyrics and comedic ad libs, is the perfect blend of rhythmic recreation. As “hold on to your dreams, never let go” is repeated throughout, “Vertigo” offers that small glimmer of hope needed for all hardworkers and dreamers, reminding us to never to give up on our dreams, no matter how bleak things seem. Influenced by a plethora of genres including reggae, hip hop, and punk rock, MAULX aims to continuously create content that all can relate to.

For news regarding his other projects, keep up for MAULX on all social media platforms listed below


Facebook: facebook.com/maulxofficial

Twitter: twitter.com/maulxofficial

Instagram: instagram.com/maulx

YouTube: bit.ly/2H9d8zE


All of MAULX’s releases thus far have been made through his independent publishing organization called “Unity Module”, which represents his view that each person plays a role in uniting our global community for the greater good.

Follow Unity Module here:

Facebook: facebook.com/unitymodule

Twitter: twitter.com/unitymodule

Instagram: instagram.com/unitymodule

YouTube: bit.ly/2VRTTTk


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