10 of the Most Popular Accessories for Men

It’s refreshing to see that more men are now taking good care of themselves, especially when it comes to personal grooming.

It’s refreshing to see that more men are now taking good care of themselves, especially when it comes to personal grooming. Menfolk are stepping out with fresh haircuts, well-trimmed nails, intoxicating scents, gorgeous looking beards, and well-shaped eyebrows, etc. Manufacturers are also upping their game introducing top-notch functional grooming products. If you have still not found a great haircutter, check out Wahl super taper ii review and you may just have found a keeper.

A majority of men are also becoming better at choosing outfits that are to die for. It goes without saying that accessories complete any type of decent outfit. This said, let’s go through some of the most popular accessories for men that make you look well-put together.

A Wrist Watch

An ultimate accessory for men, this is a must-have if you want to spruce up your outfit. Options are limitless when it comes to watches. You can go for the stylish expensive timepieces or affordable yet stylish watches you can rock every day.


Generally understated, men’s rings should be part of your accessory collection. It is best to work with subtle rings instead of the flashy large jewels that will only serve as a distraction. Remember you have freedom to explore experimenting with different materials that are not silver or gold.


Yes, men can also rock bracelets. The best thing about wearing the bracelets is that you can pick the one that has the most impact on your personal style. Whether you are into street style or classic clothes, there is a bracelet out there perfect for you.


These are a joy to have especially when it’s hot outside. Thanks to the multiple options available, you can grab a pair that will look perfect on you, helping you feel incredible all day.

Wool Beanie

These come in handy during the cold season. They allow you to look stylish while keeping warm. You can pick a neutral colour that you can wear to almost all occasions spicing up your look.

A Good Belt

You can be mistaken to think that belts were only created to hold trousers or shorts up. Goof belts also hold a look together. Your closet should never miss the classic leather belt because this is one of the accessories that will never go out of style.

Solid Black and Navy Tie

Even men who do not like that official crisp look own a tie or two. Do you know what works well with almost all suits? A black or navy blue tie. To ensure these compliment your outfit in the best possible way, pick the width of the ties that are suitable for your body type.

The Weekender

Gone are the days when men put their clothes and other belongings in a trash bag when travelling. The weekender came to save your life. Not only does this look good, but it also serves its purpose impeccably whether you are going across town, or to some exotic location.

Silver Cufflinks

Even though they may seem like a minor detail, a well-made pair of cufflinks could be just what you need to complement your look. It is advisable to have a silver pair because these pair well with any shirt colour.

Baseball Hat

It’s not possible for a man to have enough baseball hats. They are great for those days when you are seeking a “man at leisure” look. Specifics of the hat are up to you as the wearer. You can pick a cap with muted tones, bright colours, plain, or branded ones.

Final Thoughts

Choosing your accessories well is key to transforming any outfit from 0-100 immediately.

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