Manchester City Have Won Premier League


After Liverpool’s win against Wolves at Premier League, they were met by a huge defeat after playing against none other than Manchester City. Despite going to the Etihad Stadium months ago, being in the lead with 7 points, their only and the most important defeat happened at the end of the season.

As such, Manchester City was able to win its second Premier League title in a row, thus being welcomed as heroes at the stadium. But what can we expect from Liverpool from now on? Before you bet on sports on the


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Will Liverpool Stay Down?

It’s highly unlikely that Liverpool will fall away next season, despite being defeated by Manchester City’s one-point difference. It’s not difficult to see how good this team is and how much they tried to push for their victory.

Therefore, they will surely be able to get themselves up and work harder, aiming to win next seasons. After all, last season they were 25 points behind the side of Pep Guardiola, so they’ve made a lot of progress ever since. There is room for improvement, and they may go as hard as to become winners.


Could Liverpool Have Won in Different Circumstances?

There is one thing that maybe could’ve changed the course of things that took place. Basically, they took one defeat in January against City, which was 2-1. If Mane would have successfully scored, things could’ve been different now, because they could have opened up a 10-point lead.

They haven’t lost any match ever since, but that one loss was enough to put them behind Manchester.

What Happened after Manchester’s Win?

Vincent Kompany, the Club’s captain, has kissed the trophy while the other members of the team were on the stage, cheered by all the supporters. With a total score of 98 points, Manchester City was just one-point difference from Liverpool, which led to their epic win. Fireworks have exploded once the result was announced.

After a 4-1 away victory which took Brighton by surprise, Manchester City was declared the champion of the Premier League. Thanks to this, they are the first team in a decade which was able to retain its trophy.


If you want to bet on any of these teams in the future, keep an eye on them. They might have the chance to play against each other again.

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