Interesting Solar Energy Facts You Never Knew

We're all aware of the benefits of solar power in terms of climate change but how about the solar energy facts about the most abundant resource on earth?

Sometimes solar power seems just years away for the average homeowner, other times it feels like it’s just around the corner. Whether you intend on installing them on your roof or just like the idea, let’s look at some solar energy facts.

1. Solar Energy is Cheap

One of the biggest problems solar power had starting out was its initial cost. Many homeowners were turned off by the hefty installation fee despite the eventual savings. Today, the advances in manufacturing have slashed prices to a more affordable level.

For people living in areas with abundant sunlight like the southern US, South America, and Australia, the cost of installation could be offset by energy savings within as little as six years. By comparing companies and getting your best deal you could easily afford a system and start saving on power.

2. Solar Won’t Run Out

The greatest asset of solar energy is that we’ll be dead billions of years before the Sun dies. As a renewable resource, it is unparalleled in reliability.

Wind patterns and water levels could change but unless the atmosphere gets completely blocked we’ll always have access to the Sun. The worst you’ll deal with typically is a cloudy day or rainy season.

In the event of a particularly long rainy season or other power problems, consider getting a generator. Check out Able Sales for great deals in the Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth areas.

3. Solar Panels Last

The panels themselves are not as fragile as they once were and are built to last. They usually have 20-year warranties but can last up to 20 or 30 years longer. For panels in harsh conditions expect 25 years of use before having to replace them.

The good thing is that by the time your old panels need to be replaced, better, more efficient panels will be developed. You’ll also already have the infrastructure in place to quickly replace them.

4. More Energy is Being Produced than Consumed

Currently, California is the leader in US solar energy consumption. Last year, 19% of the power they produced was solar. 1/5 of their power output is capable of powering over 6 million homes.

But even after that, California was unable to use all of the solar power they generated. During months when the sun is strong but air conditioners aren’t being used, the power just piles up. Of the problems to have with renewable resources, having too much sounds like a good thing.

5. Not All Solar Energy Facts Are Good

One of the worst solar panel facts is that aside from the upfront cost of installation, the manufacturing is not as green as you’d hope. The production of solar panels involves a lot of toxic chemicals like lead and cadmium.

The difference between solar panel waste and other nonrenewable resource waste is that we aren’t used to dealing with it. Most of a solar panel cannot be recycled so it ends up in dumps where it eventually leeches into the ground and water table.

The good news is that we are trying to find cleaner ways to produce panels. Giving up on solar now is not how we’re going to power the future.

Decide if Solar is Right for You

These solar energy facts are just a fraction of the information out there. Check the rates in your area and see if its something you want to try. For more news and tips, check out our other articles.

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