When To Hire A DWI Lawyer Rochester NY

In Rochester, New York, driving laws are stringent. If you think that you can go beyond the law and evade it, then you are wrong.

In Rochester, New York, driving laws are stringent. If you think that you can go beyond the law and evade it, then you are wrong. One of the aspects of these driving laws involves driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence. This is a serious crime, and if you have been caught doing so, then you are in deep trouble.

However, it isn’t in all these charges that you need to hire a DWI lawyer. There are times when you can manage without one, but there are also instances when you will surely need the assistance of an attorney. How can you determine this? Read on to find out.

1. When the circumstances of your case are confusing

Suppose, for example, that there are numerous individuals involved in your case. It isn’t just you, the irresponsible driver, and the victim, as two others are injured as well. The witnesses around cannot also give clear testimonies regarding what they can recount from what happened. If your case seems like a blur to you that even you yourself do not know where to begin, then you should definitely hire a DWI lawyer, such as the team of legal counsel available from dwiguy.com.

A DWI lawyer in Rochester has the knowledge and years of study in law school that you don’t. Hence, they are better equipped with what is needed in ascertaining the various angles of your charge.

2. When there are facts about your case that increases its severity

If your case is only a first-time DWI charge per se, then most likely you can walk off with a standard sentence. You do not need a lawyer to understand what is written on the piece of paper that will be handed over to you. However, in some unfortunate instances, there may be facts surrounding your case that can increase its severity. For example, an accident was the result of your recklessness, or there is death, or there may be an irregularity in the suspicion for which you were tested for DWI. If you belong to this category of having a more complicated case, then you need to hire that DWI lawyer.

3. When you do not know the ins and outs of Rochester courts

Say, for example, you aren’t really from Rochester, but it is where the accident happened, or it is where you were caught. This situation is like walking on eggshells on foreign land. You don’t know anyone, and you don’t know your way around. Worse, you may have sustained an injury that needed hospital care in Rochester. In this case, you should call for a DWI lawyer to help you out.

One significant factor for cases to speed up is that the lawyer handling the case knows the ins and outs of the courtroom, the personality of the judges, and how best to work their way through the hearings. Without the help of a DWI lawyer, you will only end up getting even more overwhelmed and confused.

4. When you know nothing at all about the law

Let’s face it: not everyone knows the law, from the most basic As to the most complicated Zs. If you are one of these individuals, this isn’t something that you should be embarrassed about. Instead, you should take this as a stepping stone for you to seek a lawyer. A DWI lawyer can iron out gray areas for you and help you better understand what it is you are getting into.

When charged with any offense, never ever try to fake your knowledge by pretending that you know something when, in fact, you don’t. In so doing, you might just end up in even bigger trouble. If you are confused about legal processes and matters, then right then and there, upon your arrest for a DWI violation, let it be known to you that you actually have the right to call for a lawyer.


DWI is a criminal charge that is handled by the courts. The basic rule for you to remember is this: if your case is so minute, such that you aren’t reaching the courts, then you will not need the assistance of a lawyer. However, if you have to file your case in court, and if there is so much confusion as to the circumstances surrounding your case, then you definitely need the help of a lawyer. Although costly, a DWI lawyer in Rochester is one who can help smoothen your DWI charge. Plus, on the bright side, you can worry little about the costs, as DWI lawyers in Rochester usually charge on a contingency fee basis.

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