Why Air Conditioning Repair Ithaca NY and Maintenance Is Important

Regardless of the type of air conditioning unit you have, annual maintenance is crucial to ensure it is working in optimal condition.

Regardless of the type of air conditioning unit you have, annual maintenance is crucial to ensure it is working in optimal condition. A malfunctioning or failing AC can easily spike power usage, so it’s practical to implement repair and maintenance to save money on energy bills.  

In this post, you’ll learn the importance of routine AC procedures or air conditioning repair and maintenance, so you’ll know its impact on your family’s overall comfort and budget.  

Improve Efficiency

Like any other machine, appliance, or equipment, your air conditioning unit loses its overall efficiency with continuous use without proper maintenance. If your AC is dirty, it can lower its lifespan and efficiency. Did you know that if your AC is well-maintained, you can cut your energy costs up to 25%? That’s why it’s essential to talk to an AC expert to get professional advice and services, so find out more by checking this site.

Here are the advantages of regular air conditioning repair and maintenance:

  • Proper repair and maintenance can also double the lifespan of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC system.
  • It keeps 96% of your AC’s original efficiency.
  • It helps your home feel more comfortable by maximizing cooling and controlling humidity.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and other debris easily accumulate in dirty filters, affecting your health. Regular air conditioner repair and maintenance help keep the indoor air clean all year round. During winter months, pollutants and allergens escalate if your AC is not on its peak performance or fails to do its job properly. That’s why there are health risks associated with a malfunctioning or failing AC, such as triggered allergy, asthma, and other respiratory health problems.

Here are some DIY tips and tricks to improve indoor air quality through maintenance:

  • Check and change air filters at least every three months between AC repair and maintenance visits. It’s a good idea to check the presence of debris every month, most especially if you have pets and family members who smoke.
  • Always keep your home clean, most especially during the winter months, to avoid dust from mucking up the air filters and disturbing the allergens. Investing in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is also a good idea.

Increases AC Lifespan

The lifespan of air conditioners is approximately 15 to 30 years. But there are a lot of factors that may decrease the life expectancy of your AC, such as environmental factors (smoke, pets, and other pollutants) and the frequency of repair and maintenance. Make sure that your AC is always on its top condition by following the manufacturer’s repair and maintenance schedule.

Here are some of the items  that should be included in your air conditioning system:

  • Refrigerant Charge: The freon level or coolant of your air conditioning system should be tested frequently.
  • Electrical Readings: All electrical motors should be tested. The amperage and voltage should be tested for an energy-efficient home.
  • Lubrication: All moving parts should be lubricated unless permanently sealed.
  • Thermostat: It should be cleaned and adjusted.
  • Air Filters, Fan Belts, and Fan Motors: These parts should be cleaned and tested.
  • Drain Lines: The condensate drain should be inspected.

Parts Replacement or New AC

With regular repair and maintenance, your HVAC specialist will determine if you need to replace some components of your AC or if you need a new unit. Sometimes, it’s more practical to replace the entire unit instead of repairing it because it is more costly in the long run due to a significant impact on your electricity bill.

Here are the conditions that warrant an AC replacement:

  • If your AC is more than 15 years old, it starts to breakdown more often, so it’s best to replace it.
  • If the repair cost is too high, consider replacing your AC than paying for higher energy bills later.
  • If your air conditioner hardly keeps up or maintains your desired temperature due to wear and tear, you should consider replacing it.
  • If your electricity bills keep increasing every month, your AC might be the culprit.

Improves Your Family’s Comfort Level

With routine AC repair and maintenance procedures, you ensure that you and your family are comfortable with the temperature you desire. If you want to live a happy and cozy life in the comfort of your home, make sure to avoid major AC issues through preventive assessment.


Air conditioning repair and maintenance is important to help you keep the indoor air quality healthy for your family and visitors. Also, it helps improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and lifespan. By seeking professional help from a licensed HVAC contractor, you’ll determine if your AC needs parts replacement or a new installation.

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