CBD Oil for Dogs: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

CBD oil is not just for humans.

 Pet owners in the United States spent $71.56 billion on their dogs in 2018. According to the American pet products association (APPA) statistics, the number could surpass $75 billion in 2019. This phenomenon shows a steady market growth of 24% since 2010.

CBD for dogs is one of the products which promote healthy nourishment. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a sativa plant compound. The cannabis industry has not strived well because it is attached to the stigma.

Many people associate it with psychoactive abilities and ignore the positive impacts. Cannabis has many benefits which have convinced the medical industry about its usefulness in enhancing the quality of life.

It is not only beneficial to humans but dogs too! While this seems surprising to many, CBD oil acts as a natural alternative to traditional medicines. In fact, it is the best because it has less or no side effects.

So, if you have not yet explored CBD oil on dogs, here is our list of ten crucial things you probably didn’t know about it and its benefits.

1. CBD Oil Can Treat Epilepsy and Seizures

As a dog owner, it’s frightening to watch your dog experience seizures. Estimates suggest that nearly 5% of the total dog population suffer from seizures.

Most dogs with seizures are given potassium bromide and Phenobarbital drugs. The drugs control the situation effectively. However, they are incredibly harmful to the dogs’ crucial parts, such as the liver. Also, the drugs do not work well in all situations.

CBD has been proven to improve drug-resistant epilepsy. In one study, 84% of children who have drug-resistant epilepsy reduced the frequency of the seizures after being given CBD oil.

Despite the several studies which prove that CBD oil indeed cures seizures, more research should be done to know how the compounds work to reduce seizure symptoms. Until then, the CBD oil for dogs is still a considerable option for our dogs.

2. CBD Oil for Dogs Reduces Anxiousness in Dogs

Does your dog act differently when you are away or when you are in a noisy environment? Well, your pet may be suffering from anxiousness. Dogs are noise phobic, and they get anxious when they are in noisy places.

Their anxiety is more sensitive than that of humans. They, however, exhibit signs of stress reduction in subtle ways. These include barking, whining, and excessive panting.

Fortunately, the CBD oil for dogs gets rid of these feelings quickly. It allows the dog’s body to calm down faster and thus relieves the tension. CBD oil contains calming and soothing agents which relax the dog after ingestion.

3. CBD Oil For Dogs Reduces the Stress Associated with Chronic Pain

In humans, CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system, which controls autoimmune response and inflations. The drugs work in the same way in dogs, since the endocannabinoid system is similar in all mammals.

CBD compounds extracted from the cannabis plant have active properties that fight against stiffness and swelling. They have potent anti-inflammatory effects which stimulate the dogs’ receptors to alleviate the pain.

CBD compounds also activate the neurotransmitters which help the dog’s body to function normally and to stay balanced. As such, the oil does not only reduce chronic pain from the dog but also give the owner a sense of relief.

4. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

There are multiple reasons as to why CBD oil improves the cardiovascular health of dogs. The drug can heal all damaged blood vessels and maintain a proper heart rate.

It has also been proven to manage high blood pressure and diminish arterial plaque. All these functions promote the general cardiovascular health of dogs and keep them active.

5. Prevents Growth of Cancer Cells

Just like humans, it’s true that dogs can suffer from cancer. To start off, CBD does not completely cure cancer. You shouldn’t, therefore, use it as a miracle to save your dog. However, it prevents further growth of the cancer cells and tumors.

This article shows some evidence that CBD indeed stops the growth of cancer tumors and cells. Although it is not entirely focused on dogs, it adds to the argument that CBD oil is useful for dogs with cancer.

Several kinds of research have also been done on this topic, although the initial studies insist that CBD prevents the growth of tumor cells. Besides, it also cures the already existing cancer cells.

CBD fights all health-related repercussions which arise as a result of cancer. This ensures that the dog has a healthy cell growth.

6. CBD Oil for Dogs Does Not Affect the Dog’s Mental State

Potential side effects associated with the consumption of cannabis has been a significant issue of concern for long. The good news is that CBD elements are extracted from hemp plant products. These products contain little or no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Cannabis products have psychoactive elements, which are mostly associated with THC found in marijuana. Although CBD and THC compounds are extracted from the same cannabis family, hemp plants and marijuana are vastly different.

For instance, CBD does not contain the intoxicating properties found in marijuana, which give the consumers a “high” feeling.

Overall, hemp products are supplementary herbs. This means that CBD oil only aims at improving the health being of your dog without affecting its mental state.

7. CBD Oil for Dogs Is Ingested in Many Ways

CBD oil may not be the tastiest treat for your dogs. In fact, it can be hard to give it to your pet without masking its taste. Luckily, you can ingest the drug to your pet in many ways.

These include treats, CBD tinctures, and CBD topical. You can also sprinkle the drug’s elements into the dog’s food to avoid giving it directly.

When shopping for the best ways to provide your pet with the CBD elements, confirm that the company offers what it advertises. A quick check at the FDA website and their warning letters on the falsely promoted brands can help you make a wise decision.

Another important note is to look for the THC levels for the various CBD oil ingestion methods. The THC content can sometimes cause minimal psychoactive reactions to humans, but be fatal on dogs.

8. Some CBD Oils for Dogs Are Not Organic Products

Understand the best places where you should purchase CBD oil for your dog. There is a wide array of oils in the market, and all have different potencies. The price of the oil shouldn’t be a guarantee of the product adequacy.

Some products can be overpriced, yet they come from lesser cultivation methods and standards. In fact, some products are not created organically.  

CBD oil, which is not organic, could have pesticides and other toxic solvents used during the cultivation of the hemp plants. It could also mean that the product has a low CBD potency.

If you want high-quality CBD oil, buy it as a tincture. When in tincture form, you can adjust the dog’s drop by drop dose to maximize the benefits. Also, ask for the lab analysis certifications before purchasing.

9. CBD Oil Is Administered in Sizes

The ingestion of CBD oils for dogs depends on the pet’s ailment, feeding habits, age, and temperament. The critical factor to remember during ingestion is that dogs have different tolerance levels.

Start with minimal dosages to see its reaction. If the pet does not show any adverse effects, increase the dosage slowly until you see a substantial relief to the condition.  Also, consult a holistic vet before you administer the drug to your pet.

10. Reduces Vomiting and Increases Dogs Appetite

All dogs love to eat, although their levels of appetite vary. As such, it’s always a cause of alarm when an active dog or puppy stops eating suddenly.

When they stay for extended periods without eating, their nutrients and calories levels in the body goes down. Luckily, CBD oil for dogs helps to boost the appetite back.

CBD is a cannabinoid which communicates with the endocannabinoid system receptors. The system is responsible for many body functions, and appetite is one of them.

Once it’s administered, it works as an excellent nausea treatment method and appetite booster. Besides, it alleviates the pain associated with nausea and thus improves its general health.

CBD Oils for Dogs Are Safe

Many studies have shown the health benefits of CBD oils for dogs. However, the most encouraging result is that CBD is safe, even when taken for an extended period. It is effective and natural.

Its safety of usage is evidenced by the fact that it cures different ailments without compromising with the dog’s health. It decreases liver enzymes activity, which metabolizes prescription drugs.

The side effects are mild, and the dogs don’t build up a tolerance. Many holistic vets and pet owners are drawn to it by its multiple health benefits.

So, if your pet is currently on a medication that CBD oil can relieve, feel free to switch to this natural solution. Start your dog off slowly and ignore the naysayers who believe that CBD isn’t good for dogs.  

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