The Benefits Of Drinking Horns

Before they were plastic, ceramic, metal, or glass cups, people used horns to drink their beverages.

Before they were plastic, ceramic, metal, or glass cups, people used horns to drink their beverages. Now that there are many kinds of drinking vessels out there, drinking horns are no longer as popular as they were before. But if you were to use them, here are the benefits you’ll get:

They’re Unique

Drinking horns are unique. As mentioned, the drinking cups that we have today are usually made of plastic, glass, metal, or ceramic. You won’t find a drinking horn in every household because there are many other options out there. If you were to own drinking horns in your home, you’d surely stand out amongst your neighbors.

Perfect For Themed Parties

House parties are fun to throw, especially themed ones. If you’re planning a Norse-themed party, drinking horns are perfect for it. Imagine drinking alcohol from a Viking ale horn—you’ll definitely feel like a Norse seafarer from the old days!

Vikings are known as raiders and plunderers, but they were also traders who bartered with people between AD 800 and 1066. If you’re a big fan of Thor and Loki, using drinking horns is one way you can feel like you’re dining with the Norse Gods.

Can Be Great Decorations

Horns are not just useful as drinking vessels. They can also have a dual role of being great decor for your home. Most drinking horns sold today are still made out of real horns. The makers usually boil the horns of cows, buffalos, or oxen to remove the inner core.

The horns undergo various hot and cold processes to remove the core, then are softened for shaping, and finally hardened again. A food-safe sealant will be applied, and then the horns will be cleaned and polished. Since the natural texture is still there, they make great accents for your interior design.

Perfect for Presents

Drinking horns are great presents for your friends and loved ones. It’s unique, so it’s something that they may not already own. If you’re giving it to someone special, it’ll definitely be memorable because there’s a high chance you’ll be the only one who gave that person that kind of gift.

Aside from having their natural texture preserved, you’ll also find drinking horns that you can personalize. You can make your gift even more special by having the drinking horn engraved. You can put the name of the person or a special message with a theme-appropriate font to complement that design.

Keeps The Culture Alive

Drinking horns were part of many ancient cultures in history. They’ve been around for longer than 2,600 years. The Greeks, Romans, and Scandinavians are among those whom drinking horns were notable in their history. In paintings and other historical depictions, you can usually see the gods and people drinking from horns.

Now that other drinking cups exist, people don’t use horns as widely as they did before. The decreasing number of people using drinking horns can be a threat to keeping the culture alive. If people stop using those, they would simply be remembered from paintings and stories. The reality of it happening seems far-fetched, but it’s a possibility. But if people continue to use them, then it prevents drinking horns from becoming obsolete.


When you throw a house party, you usually purchase lots of plastic or paper cups. The classic party cups are the red solo cups, which people use to drink their beers and other beverages, as well as for party games such as beer pong.

Those kinds of cups are disposable, meaning you only use them once and then throw them out. If you use plastic cups, you’re contributing to the amount of trash in landfills and oceans, which pose a hazard to the environment, as well as the animals that unknowingly ingest them.

Drinking horns are reusable, which means you don’t have to keep buying cups and add to the mountains of garbage the world already has.

Easy To Clean

Drinking horns are also easy to maintain. You may think that because they have a pointed end, your hand may not be able to reach that part when cleaning it. However, it’s not actually that hard to clean a drinking horn. You can use warm water mixed with soap and slosh it around to wash away the remnants of beer or other beverages you put in it.

Final Thoughts

Drinking horns are a fun way to level up your everyday drinking habit. You don’t have to use them for drinking alcohol strictly as they can be used for any beverage you want. If you use them for a party, you can even give them away to your guests as a souvenir to remember the fun moments you had at the event.

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