Amazon Is Now Offering One-Day Shipping On Over 10 Million Items For Prime Members


If y’all thought Amazon’s two-day shipping option was a blessing, then you’ll definitely be here for this! Amazon is now offering an even faster shipping option not only to appease customers but to crush the competition.

According to CNN, one-day shipping is now being offered to Prime members from coast to coast in the United States with no minimum purchase.


“We will keep adding more selection and expanding ur delivery areas to ensure Prime member get their products faster than ever,” the company announced.

Amazon set the bar for a quick and convenient online shopping experience when they hit the market with the Amazon prime two-day shipping option. Many other retail companies have followed suit, but it looks like they just changed the game again!

Amazon announced in April the company would spend $800 million to bring the one-day shipping option to life.

Prime customers, who pay $119 for a yearly membership, can now access free same-day shipping in some areas, and some products can even be delivered within hours.


Although the change is a win for consumers, employees have expressed some concerns as it pertains to their new workload. According to president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, trying to fulfill orders in one day could be “dangerous for Amazon’s warehouse employees”

Stock prices of traditional retailers, including Walmart and Target, took a hit when Amazon promised to step up its shipping game. Wall Street fears Amazon’s competitors will dig themselves into deep debt in attempts to follow in Amazon’s footsteps. For some companies, the costs of speeding up shipping are much larger than the actual profit.

Traditional retailers have now found a new reason to hate on Amazon, and we’re sure Amazon will continue to change the game in major ways!

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