5 Key Tips on Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement ring shopping can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Keep reading for 5 key tips on choosing the perfect engagement ring.

So, you’ve finally gathered enough courage to pop the question. But before you get on one knee, do you have the perfect engagement ring to seal your relationship?

This special ring shows your declaration and commitment to marry your partner.

But, since most engagements are planned secretly and people tend to vary in interests, it’s hard to get a good engagement ring that’ll please your partner.

To save you the worry, here are tried and tested tips to help you in choosing the perfect engagement ring:

1. Know Your Partner’s Style

Knowing your partner’s sense of style before getting an engagement ring goes a long way into making sure that they’ll appreciate the ring you get them.

Thus, pay attention to your partner’s sense of style for hints on what they like. Start by looking at their pieces of jewelry; are they glamorous or laid-back?

You can also check your partner’s social media pages or ask close friends for hints.

2. What’s Your Budget?

While it’s impossible for money to express how much you love your partner, you need to come up with a reasonable budget. Your budget shouldn’t dent your wallet too much nor should you be too frugal when purchasing an engagement ring.

Besides, engagement rings differ in prices depending on the material used. A ring made of diamonds is definitely more expensive than a sapphire engagement ring.

3. The Stone

One of the most crucial things you always need to consider when shopping for an engagement ring is the gem. Pretty much, the gem takes a huge portion of a ring’s craftsmanship, thus it has the greatest impact on the aesthetics of a ring.

Often, people always go for the classic old diamond gem, thanks to its timelessness elegance. But, you shouldn’t limit yourself to this, be sure to explore other stones that are equally or even more appealing. For instance, ruby, emerald, and Morganite rings are ideal alternatives to diamond rings.

4. Get the Right Size

No matter how special the ring looks, it’s imperfect if it’s ill-fitting. An incorrect ring size means that you’ll have to send it back for re-sizing, which may end up taking weeks or even months.

To avoid this frustration, be sure to measure your partner’s size ahead of time using other rings they already own. Certain jewelry shops also offer ring size guide to help customers gets the perfect fit.

5. Go to a Reliable Seller

An engagement ring is a huge investment, so you want to be careful not to get duped. Therefore, you’ll have to look for a genuine seller with a good recommendation from previous clients.

If you choose to buy from an online vendor, ensure they have a good return policy, in the event that you may need to return a ring.

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Don’t let the stress of choosing the perfect engagement ring get to you. Use the above tips to help you choose the perfect engagement ring for your other half.

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