Vitamins To Take During Pregnancy


The time that you find out that you are pregnant is the time when you need to start getting all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that you can to your body so that you can stay healthy and grow your precious bundle of joy. Chances are that you are not going to get all the vitamins you need on a daily basis just from your diet alone, which is why it is so vitally important for you to take your vitamins when you are pregnant.

Morning sickness is very common during pregnancy which can make it hard to swallow pills or multiple vitamins. Thanks to science, we have easy to eat vitamins that come in a gummy form which go down more easily and taste better than the traditional form of vitamins! Below is a list of five nutrients in particular that you need to make sure you get every day when you are pregnant so that you and your baby stay healthy and thrive for the whole nine months.


Folate vitamins

Out of all the crucial vitamins and minerals out there that you need to take while you are pregnant, folate is the most important. This one is so crucial because it is the nutrient that helps your baby’s brain develop while the grow inside of you. The best way to get as much folate as possible absorbed into your body is by taking it in an organic prenatal vitamin form. 

Doctors recommend that women get an uptake of folic acid in the very beginning of pregnancy as that is when the baby’s brain is developing the most.

Vitamin D


Pregnant or not, vitamin D is an important one to get, but it is hard to get enough of it from food alone. When you are pregnant and not getting enough vitamin D into your system, you could be more at risk for preterm labor. If you don’t get at least fifteen minutes of sunshine every day, then you are more than likely already deficient, so going ahead and taking vitamin D is not a bad idea.

Iron is incredibly important

When you are pregnant, it is vitally important to get enough iron so that you do not become anemic. It is incredibly easy for pregnant women to suffer from anemia since you are using your own blood supply to help create the baby. If you become anemic, you will suffer from unpleasant side effects like headache and extreme fatigue. It will put you at a higher risk of delivering a baby preterm and having them being born at a much lower birth weight.

Focus on calcium

You need to get extra calcium during your pregnancy so that your baby can get enough calcium to be born with strong bones. If you are not getting enough from your diet alone, your body will start taking the calcium away from your personal bones to give to your child which could lead to you getting osteoporosis. This is a supplement that you and your doctor need to work on together so that you reach a safe number of RDA and don’t get too much.

Fish oil is surprisingly beneficial


Taking fish oil on a daily basis while you are pregnant has been shown to be highly beneficial. A lot of women suffer from issues like swollen feet and inflammation in other areas of their bodies. Fish oil can help reduce inflammation and helps more blood flow to the rest of the body, including more blood getting to your baby and helping them develop.

This is the most crucial time in life for both you and your baby. In order to make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients and vitamins that you need to stay healthy, it is important to talk to your doctor about the right vitamin regiment for you. Many prenatal vitamins, in particular, will be packed full of the above-mentioned nutrients to make sure that you stay healthy throughout your entire pregnancy. They also ensure that your baby develops well in all areas that they need to develop: mentally and physically. Taking the right vitamins during pregnancy will make the whole process better for everyone!

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