5 Ways You Can Support a Meth Addict’s Recovery

How to Help a Meth Addict

Are you struggling to figure out how to support your loved one through drug recovery? You’re not alone.

There’s no clear fail-proof method on how to help a meth addict. Instead, you’ll have to try several strategies and be patient with your loved one. Here are five of our top strategies on how to help a meth addict.


1. Research Addiction

The number one thing you can do for your loved one is research addiction. Use both your research and empathy skills to try to understand what your loved one is going through.

While undergoing treatment for crystal meth addiction, many report feeling alone. Why? Their loved ones can’t comprehend the scope of what recovery is like.

Often, they can relate most to other recovering addicts. That’s why support programs are so important for meth help and recovery.


2. How to Help a Meth Addict Find New Hobbies

Former meth users may feel a void when they’re trying to stop using. Time and energy that was once devoted to using needs to get diverted elsewhere.

Try to help your loved one seek out new hobbies. Start watching a new TV series together, or start taking walks to the park. Distractions of any form are a great alternative to giving into cravings.

3. Be a Friend

The most important thing you can do for your loved one is be a friend. Be a listening ear that avoids judgment. While you may not grasp the full scope of withdrawal, being present and loving is enough.

Remain patient with your loved one. Remind your friend that you are there for support when they need it, and then follow through.


4. Develop a Plan

Crystal Meth Addiction is serious. Often, meth addiction help means an entire lifestyle change for the user.  Understand that your loved one is likely feeling overwhelmed.

A great tip on how to help someone on meth is to create a plan together. Create a list of options your loved one has instead of using like:

  • Taking a walk or run outside
  • Going out for a meal
  • Going to the theater
  • Calling you in times of need

Having a reasonable list of options can prevent an addict from giving in to cravings.

5. Identify the Signs of Relapse

Crystal meth treatment and withdrawal can mimic signs of using. As a friend, you need to be aware of the signs of relapse. By noticing the early signs, you may be able to help your friend avoid the urge to use again.

Hold your friend accountable and be direct if you suspect they’re using again.

Remaining Friends Through Recovery

It’s challenging to know how to help a meth addict. Every person’s reasons for using are different. But, every person can use support to help them recover.

Have you ever remained friends with someone who was going through addiction recovery? Do you have any tips to share with others who love an addict?

Share your stories and experiences with us by leaving a comment in the box below.

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