A Rihanna Museum May be Coming to Barbados


It looks like Rihanna may be getting a museum dedicated to her, in her hometown of Barbados.

Rihanna’s influence is global but her hometown is where her heart’s at and the Prime Minister of Barbados has made that known. The country’s first female Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley, shared the news that she plans on creating the museum for Rihanna as she feels she’s a living legend to their country and their legacy.


On the museum specifically, she went on to say: “We’ve been discussing with her [Rihanna] family – her brother in particular and her management – the need for them to establish a major museum with the government in Westbury Road so that people who leave the cruise terminal or who are at Kensington visiting for cricket have another iconic thing besides the Legends of Barbados Museum there at Herbert House.”

She also added: “Anybody who could start going to school on a ZR [route taxi] from Westbury to Waterford and could now be the most successful woman entertainer in the entire globe in my view deserves to be recognized in her life as a living legend of Barbados as well.”

Last year Rihanna was appointed as an ambassador of Barbados, with a specific focus on the promotion of education, tourism, and investment.

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