Tom Cruise vs. Bieber: Dana White says “Biggest UFC Purse Ever!”

Dana White says the potential fight between Bieber and Cruise would bring in alot of money.

It was white hot news when the Biebs issued a challenge via Twitter to fight Tom Cruise, and people immediately passed it off as another crazy Justin Bieber antic.

But it seems that the bout is seriously being considered by UFC‘s commander and chief, Dana White. This as a result of a few close sources from both camps saying that the stars want to enter the octagon.

Scooter Braun, a rep for JB, allegedly spoke with Dana White, William Morris Endeavor, and fellow co-owner Ari Emanuel, stating that Bieber is “100%” all in.

TMZ Sports caught Dana leaving a restaurant in LA, and he had this to say:
“Weirder things have happened, let’s put it that way. I think it would be the biggest purse ever and I think it would be the biggest Pay-Per-View ever too.”

Dana White on the potential fight between Bieber and Cruise.

Dana went on to say he is still waiting on official word from Tom Cruise’s representation but hopes to hear something in a few days. He speculated that this would just be a simple exhibition and nothing more.

“I don’t think the fight would be as good as the hype.” said White.

Stay tuned to for more updates on this story.
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