Police offered Getaway Driver Protection in Nipsey Hussle Murder

The accessory to the murder of Nipsey Hussle has been offered police protection

It is being reported that the woman that drove the alleged shooter in Nipsey Hussle‘s murder is in fear of retribution. Police have apparently gone out of their way to offer protection to her from an expected attempt on her life.

TMZ has obtained testimony from a grand jury, that states the woman – listed as Witness 1 in legal documents – had several real threats to take her out.

Photos of the witness’s license plates, along with a description of her appearance have made their rounds through social media. Possibly prompting revenge for her role in the rapper’s demise.

The woman testified before a grand jury, adding that she accompanied Eric Holder on the day of the murder. On March 31st, the duo pulled up to Nipsey’s Marathon Clothing strip mall. Holder advised the witness to park behind the mall, as he exited the vehicle with a handgun. She further claimed that Holder allegedly ran through the alley to where Nipsey and his associates were standing. He then fired multiple rounds, hitting Nipsey and those near him, before running back to the parked vehicle.

LAPD made a plea to the grand jury that it was “very important” to place the witness in protective custody, and into hiding.

Although she has testified to being an accessory to the murder, she has not been charged. Court documents further revealed that the witness testified under an immunity agreement. The witness also admitted that she and Holder were romantically involved.

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