What Makes Football More Popular Than Other Sports?

Football is probably the most popular sport with billions of fans from all parts of the world.

Football is probably the most popular sport with billions of fans from all parts of the world. If you didn’t know, more than 3.5 billion people watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This means that half the world’s population tuned in to the event! Unlike other sports, it’s easy to see children playing football anywhere. Whether you are young or old, football is always a great game to play at all times. So, what makes football more popular than other sports? Keep reading to find out more.

Football is Easy to Play

One of the reasons why many people love football is simplicity. Football is the easiest game to play because anyone can understand the basics in a very short time. When playing certain games, players may be awarded several points for a single score. This happens in games like basketball and baseball, and it’s hard to understand unless you ask someone to explain or do some research.

In contrast, the basics of football are simple: the game lasts 90 minutes with 2, 45-minute sessions, 1 goal is worth 1 point, and the winning team has more goals than the losing team. Even a three-year-old child can understand these rules in one minute. You can explain other more complex rules later on. The bottom line is that it takes a short time to understand the basics and play the game.

Short Time

If you’ve ever watched games like baseball, you know that each game can last for 3 to 4 hours. Unfortunately, the actual playing time is less than 30 minutes! When it comes to football, one match lasts 90 minutes. If you include half-time, you will spend about 2 hours at the stadium. This means you won’t get too tired, so you can watch the entire match.

Football is Everywhere

Football is virtually everywhere you go. You can listen to football commentators on the radio, play football at home or school, watch live football matches on TV, read football reviews online, watch past matches on YouTube, and bet on football.

One of the greatest developments in the online gaming industry is the introduction of action-packed, football-themed online slots with amazing features. A good example is Football Frenzy, a World Cup-themed video slot from Real Time Gaming (RTG). Another incredible football-themed slot is Aussie Rules from Rival Gaming. These and other football-related slots have brought fun to football fans as well as online gamers. Visit Australian Pokies Site to learn more about online slots and play some amazing football slot games.

Competitive Leagues and International Matches

Another reason why football has gained popularity over the years is the presence of competitive leagues like the Premier League. Depending on the event, football fans will support their favorite football club or country and even place bets on their teams. There are football leagues in all parts of the world including Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.

Some football fans are extremely devoted to the teams they support to the extent of being aggressive when their teams are playing. Events like Champions League and FIFA World Cup are very completive and that’s why fans will fill stadiums just to watch their favorite teams in action. Football players also do everything possible to entertain their supporters and win the prize.

One of the reasons why international matches are competitive is that it’s a traditional practice for people to support their national teams. During international events like the World Cup, players want their country to win and thus support their national teams. They even wear their national team’s jersey to show their support.


Football clubs and event organizers engage in sponsorship deals with businesses including online gambling sites. For example, Zlatan Ibrahimovic partnered with Bethard in a deal worth millions of euros. Several online gambling sites have also sponsored big football clubs. A good example is the £75 million sponsorship deal between Everton and SportPesa. Bwin Casino also took part in 2 sponsorship deals with AC Milan and Manchester United bringing millions of dollars annually.

The main reason why football clubs and events get sponsorship deals is the fact that sponsors are ready to spend their money to reach a wide range of audience. Since football is everywhere, sponsors can easily reach billions of people around the world by marketing their brands during events like football leagues and the World Cup. It’s a win-win situation because sponsors get the opportunity to reach many people and football clubs receive millions of dollars.


Lastly, football is an exciting game that brings all kinds of people together. It’s thrilling to watch players do amazing tricks on the field including headers, bicycle kicks, and sliding tackles. It’s more exciting to see a skilled player embarrass your opponents with ingenious tricks. Football fans also get a chance to have fun as they socialize with other fans during football matches.

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