Blockbuster TV and Movies Are Now Online Slots

People flock to the movies by the millions during Blockbuster season, helping big tent pole movies like Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Aladdin and Pokémon Detective Pikachu make big bank.

TUT Staff

People flock to the movies by the millions during Blockbuster season, helping big tent pole movies like Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Aladdin and Pokémon Detective Pikachu make big bank. These movies rake in billions of dollars a year, and that’s not even mentioning the television shows that do similar business.

Game of Thrones has just come to an end after eight seasons, and the final season was one of the most watched seasons in all of television history, for any show. The merchandising on these forms of entertainment is always a major factor in how well they perform and how long they stay in the cultural consciousness.

Online slots have always tried to keep up with the latest trends in entertainment, and movies and television are now different, so it makes sense to see the two forms of entertainment together in the online space. Themed slots have been a big part of the online gambling industry for decides now, and there have been some very happy marriages between television and movie licenses and slot machines.

This kind of partnership is getting some new life breathed into it with the addition of some exciting new online slots. Here are a few upcoming slots that you can expect to see that combine the excitement of slot machines with beloved blockbuster television and movie licenses.

Game of Thrones

We mentioned this major television series already, and even though it has come to a thrilling conclusion after eight years of highly rated episodes, the fanbase is still demanding merchandise and entertainment linked to the show. There is a huge demand for anything related to Game of Thrones, and internet slot providers like PokiesHQ are answering that call. You can expect to see Game of Thrones-themed online slots up and running soon, if they are not already by the time you read this article.

Fans of the show will get to see their favorite characters and even choose from the four houses when they start the game. They can pick Targaryen, Lannister, Baratheon or Stark and enjoy in-game bonuses like multipliers and free spins. Different houses reward players with individual bonuses which can be used to earn greater and greater rewards.

Jurassic Park

This is a movie franchise that has come back in a big way. After years of dormancy, the series relaunched with Jurassic World a few years ago, followed by the sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and an upcoming sequel yet to be released. This franchise is bigger than ever, so it makes sense for it to be a part of the online slot industry. You can catch new Jurassic Park slots on various online gambling sites.

This new slot gives players about 240 ways to win prizes. Players will be able to earn up to €475,000 on this game, so there is plenty of reason to play. Each dinosaur that shows up in the game has the ability to turn the tables and offer serious bonuses. For example, the T-Rex can make all the reels Wild. With the Velociraptor, Split Wilds can be created, which will take a single Wild and split it across two reels. Those are just a couple examples, and it gives you an idea of the craziness this kind of game can provide.


This famous vampire’s story has been made into multiple blockbuster movies over the years, and Universal is reviving him in a series of online slots. The movie studio has held onto Dracula movie rights for decades, and they bring him back every so often. This time, he will be making his way onto the smartphones and computers of online casino players, and he will be bringing all his supernatural charm with him. The Dracula slot features bats, Dracula himself and all sorts of spooky features and creatures.

These are just a sampling of the new slots headed to online sites soon. The blockbuster summer is in full swing right now, so we may see even more exciting slots in the near future that bring together favorite properties and online winnings.

This is trend we expect to see contain for a long time, as people relive their favorite memories of these movies and television shows while enjoying huge winnings and make new memories of their own.