Should I start a College Relationship?

While college relationships may be considered as one of these distractions, some people actually do pull it off – having a fruitful connection and still possessing great academic grades.

Relationships can be a very beautiful thing, especially romantic ones. Most individuals pretty much get in a serious affair during their high school and college days. College, in particular, comes with so many distractions which could deter academic progress. While college relationships may be considered as one of these distractions, some people actually do pull it off – having a fruitful connection and still possessing great academic grades.

There no free time in college to spend with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Many assignments for study, writing, session. You have to choose between grade and relationships. Of course, you can buy an argumentative essay from  the essay writing service Edusson to have more free time. Professionals will do everything in the best way for your A+ grade. And yet the question remains: Is it worth starting a relationship in college? Relationships could be draining and is a whole new experience on its own. There will be lots of efforts in trying to balance school work, relationship, friendship with others, and other extra-curricular activities. Whatever the case might be, the following are the things to be taken into cognizance about dating someone in college:

  • Do not make life-changing decisions based on the present state of the relationship: When the going is good, and the relationship makes life seem like a bed of roses, be careful not to make any commitments, promises or decisions that could change your plans or direction for the future. Many teenagers and youths ignore this crucial college relationship advice and end up making mistakes that they find hard to rectify in the nearest future.
  • Improve your Communication Skills: Relationship requires a lot of communication and connection. This isn’t just all about the regular and basic chit-chat anyone could have but about really communicating feelings, intents and desires, especially in situations where they matter. Both online and in person, you should learn to develop an effective communication dynamic that works for both parties. This would go a long mile in not only resolving issues in the relationship but also strengthening the feelings you both have towards yourself.
  • Do not spend all your holidays and breaks with your partner: Although the love might be strong and the feelings intense, spending too much free time together will make you both grow bored of each other with time. Take time out to connect with friends and family. This will help you remember that you have a life and relationships outside that which you have built with your partner. You can also take that time to discover new things about yourself and how you can cope or do things on your own.
  • Try as much as possible to know their friends: It is fairly easy to tell how a person is and their way of life judging by the kind of friends they keep and the way they act around them. According to popular opinion, people tend to be much freer around their friends and also expose their vices when they are with them. Knowing your partner’s friend can help you know the kind of person you are in a relationship with and can also afford you a solicitor in case there are issues arising between both of you.
  • Be committed: A relationship is only grown with commitment, trust and love. Commitment gives you the drive to make sure all is well with you, your partner and the relationship itself. No relationship can blossom without both partners committing their time, energy, emotions, finances, social life, and lots more into making sure all is well.
  • Know when to leave: When the die is cast and, either party does not communicate as usual, does not commit to the relationship, does not show love or care, and it seems like nothing else can be done, it is best to take a bow out of the relationship else it would put you under stress and undue pressure. Despite all that might have been put into the relationship, once there are no more benefits or desired aura been gotten from the relationship, and you have made considerable efforts to revive the relationship, leaving it behind should be the next line of action.

Despite all that might be said, relationships in college are actually possible and worth it, provided they are with proper intentions and with the right person. There is no perfect relationship, so you should be prepared for rough patches here and there. Apart from the romantic nights, dates, buying of gifts, and so on, research actually shows that spending time with those who support you could actually aid balance and academic growth. 


Before getting into a relationship at all, it is always best to find yourself first, plan out your desires and expectations in a partner and relationship, and then work towards actualizing them patiently. A relationship shouldn’t be something that should be rushed into because, in the long-run, it would in one way or the other affect your plans in college, whether positively or negatively. On the plus side, it could also last a lifetime.

In conclusion, romantic relations in college are very possible provided you can find a balance and manage your time properly. The sale or pitches anyone might make concerning this are based on opinions because it really boils down to preference and interests. So weigh your options and make the judgment call that works for you. After all, college life is not only about essays, exams and sleepless night over books.

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