5 PR Tips for Healthcare Organizations in 2019

Without proper advertising, it is impossible for a business to grow. Marketing and PR lead people to support the company, which is necessary for it to reach success.

Without proper advertising, it is impossible for a business to grow. Marketing and PR lead people to support the company, which is necessary for it to reach success.

Companies used to market their products and services in various traditional methods, like newspaper advertisements or radio broadcasts. While these do still exist, online media is all the rage.

Countless advertisements are at people’s fingertips throughout the day. Whether you are scrolling through Facebook, job searching on LinkedIn, or watching a YouTube video, you are being marketed to. But how do you know when an advertisement is effective?

Successful PR comes from a lot of hard work and planning. According to Healthcare Weekly, having a successful marketing plan will allow you to change your strategy along with your company. As it grows, your marketing will grow too.

There are so many specific areas of the healthcare industry, so it is important to discover where your company stands. Changing your marketing to fit in with your niche is the best way to reach the correct audience.

Knowing the right people and making the right moves is how you get ahead in marketing within the healthcare industry. Your PR tactics should change along with the ebb and flow of your business.

It is hard to get started without wasting valuable resources. Here are five nifty tips that will aid with successful PR in healthcare without causing bankruptcy.

Make SMART goals

Before anything else, your marketing and PR team needs to have a goal. The goal needs to have certain characteristics to be useful. Thus, creating a SMART goal is the best way to get an effective job done.

Your goal should be specific. It should state exactly what the goal is rather than a general blanket statement that could leave room for different interpretations.

It should also be measurable, in that you should be able to see some type of result. Whether or not the results match the desired result will determine if the marketing tactic is working or not, so you can keep track of the changes you need to make.

It is easy to set goals for yourself that turn out to be unreachable. That’s why it is important for your goal to be achievable. The point is to accomplish it by putting in the right amount of work for it to be successful.

Set a goal that is realistic. Don’t set the bar too high right off the bat. Growth takes time and you won’t reach success overnight.

Finally, a SMART goal is time-bound. Give yourself a realistic deadline to accomplish tasks related to the goal and determine when you’d like to see the end result.

Keeping all of this in mind should allow you to create a strong marketing goal that will ultimately make the most of your PR efforts.

Know Your Audience

Once you have a plan, the next step is to determine who the target audience is. They are the ones supporting your company, so you have to appeal to them in an effective way.

Decide what it is you are trying to say and who will care the most about what you are saying to figure out the specific audience. The platform you ultimately use to market depends largely on who you want to appeal to.

To guide you toward your target audience, take notice of who uses your product or services most frequently. Whoever is spending the most on your company is who needs to hear your message the most.

For the healthcare industry, the audience has the potential to be huge. You could be talking to clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, or directly to patients.

Broad audiences require different marketing than more specific ones. A diverse population of consumers would need simpler marketing, whereas marketing to medical professionals might use medical jargon.

Create Compelling Content

We read articles to learn new things and to be entertained, not to be bored by redundant facts we already know. That is why creating content that draws in the attention of readers is important to adequately market to them.

According to Digital Authority Partners, if you find an article interesting, you are more compelled to reach out and find more information about it. The content you put out should engage the reader while teaching them about what your company offers.

Content marketing is oftentimes more effective than a typical display ad. This is because articles help better explain the company’s product and how it will benefit consumers.

For the healthcare industry, compelling PR content comes in the form of how-to guides that explain exactly how to use a medical product to solve a consumer’s problem. Healthcare content is also successful in the form of infographics and interviews with experts.

The goal of content marketing is to show your audience why your product is the best choice. Good health is an important aspect of everyone’s life, so it is important to take the way you write content seriously.

If you can solve their problems, people want to know. Tell them through content that interests them and helps them realize how you can benefit their lives.

Distribute Your Press Release Effectively

If your marketing feats fall on deaf ears, what was the point in doing all that work in the first place? Making sure your content reaches the correct people is worth any resources it requires.

So much planning and time went into the creation of marketing and PR. Using a distribution team to ensure the circulation of your work is a great way to grow your brand.

Many businesses, unfortunately, fall into the trap of sending their content to anyone who says they will market it. This is not always the best-case scenario, because many marketers have industry-specific audiences that won’t pay much mind to your content.

A distribution team would know the right places to send your PR to get the most views. More relevant audiences will see your content and potentially become new customers.

Monitor your online presence and reputation

Everybody cares what people think of them. In the healthcare industry, doctors and healthcare professionals always need to concern themselves with their reputations. They want to bring in new patients or customers whenever possible and keep their existing ones.

A healthcare professional’s online reputation is more important now than ever before. 84% of patients research physicians before even setting foot in their office. Even just a few bad reviews online have the potential to turn someone away.

You can see what people are saying about you or your healthcare business with a quick online search. Reply to any negative reviews with objectivity to show your professionalism and give a boost to your name.

Taking your online presence into consideration is a beneficial step when continuing to market online. See what people are saying about how the business can improve and show off how you can make those changes through your PR.

Knowing your target market is one of the best ways to grow your business. Appeal directly to whoever is most inclined to utilize what your company offers.

With the healthcare industry being so large, reaching the masses is difficult. Find your niche and your specific audiences to reach who is most important.

Don’t be afraid to set marketing goals, as this is a great way to accomplish the most. Setting reasonable goals and deadlines will motivate you to raise awareness of your brand for more success in the future.

This article is contributed by Julian Gnatenco @ JGBilling, a medical billing company out of Chicago, IL

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