Seven Things That Are More Interesting Than F1

Like or loathe motorsport, there’s no denying that Formula 1 has lost some of its sparkle in recent years.

Like or loathe motorsport, there’s no denying that Formula 1 has lost some of its sparkle in recent years. The days of epic duals seem to be a thing of the past, and the once-glorious sport is teetering into something of a bore-fest. For many people growing up, F1 was the pinnacle of a Sunday afternoon with the animated enthusiasm of Murray Walker thrown in just for good measure. 

Nowadays, watching F1 is more of a chore than an entertainment fix, and it’s apparent there’s a whole host of things that are more exciting than tuning in to watch it. Don’t get us wrong, there’s still elements of drama and the odd shenanigan thrown in but in the grand scheme of things, being kept on hold to Katy Perry on loop is more interesting than F1. 

Talk to Kanye West about British politics

The self-proclaimed ‘greatest rapper of all-time’ is hardly renowned for his subtleties and modesty, and he often causes a stir with his choice of words on certain issues. The Jesus Walks star is always a hot topic of conversation and talking to him about British politics would bring about a better resolution to watching F1, and most likely Brexit. 

Watching paint dry

Yes, yes this is a bit of a cliché but it’s so darn hard to disagree. Watching paint dry offers many benefits over watching F1. You can pick a wall of your choice and cover it with some brightly coloured emulsion for example, and then you can get straight into the action. Pro tip, pick a suitable chair for the duration of your stay and to mix it up a little bit, change angles for the all-important key view. The other benefits? You’ll figure them out as you go along. 

Youtube adverts

Social media is a huge part of our everyday lives and Youtube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms around, so it was only a matter of time before those pesky adverts started cropping up everywhere. There’s nothing worse than watching that all-important Pygmy goat video and a load of life insurance waffle pops up! Still, we’d rather that than watch F1. The adverts don’t last anywhere near as long. 

Listening with intent about how a flat-earther believes the earth is well, flat

These lot most be the most annoying bunch around the globe! Seriously, imagine listening to a genuine flat-earther about their beliefs and trying to gauge how they come to that decision. It’s tedious, painful and just plain bonkers what flat-earthers believe. Still, we strongly believe talking to a flat-earth believer will be a tad more exciting than watching F1.   

Watching Peppa Pig on loop with a screaming toddler

Ask anyone who has a toddler and they’ll likely tell you that Peppa Pig is their worst nightmare. The kids TV programme has been a huge hit in the United Kingdom and it will remain the bane of parents’ lives for years to come yet. We couldn’t think of anything worse than watching Peppa Pig on a continuous loop with a screaming and irate child next to you. Oh yes we could, watching the F1. 

Filling in a form of any description 

Whether it be online or in paper form, filling out forms shouldn’t be so tedious, annoying and stressful. The overwhelming number of questions is a sure-fire way to either send you to sleep or die of boredom, whatever comes first I suppose. It doesn’t even matter what the form is regarding, it’ll likely be infuriating and a great time-zapper. A bit like watching F1 but with a tad more excitement. 

Having a pint with Michael Owen; and then a séance with Mr Bean

Growing up watching Michael Owen and Mr Bean, they couldn’t be any further apart but nowadays, the former is doing his best to be just like the famous TV character. Owen offers a rather strange and unique look on football whereas Mr Bean is, well, Mr Bean. Having a pint with Owen would be punishment enough but imagine popping round Mr Bean’s flat for a séance on the same day. Don’t ask us why we thought of that, it’s a weird combination of events that would still leave us feeling less numb than watching F1. 

Hey, as tedious as F1 is becoming these days – you can bet on British Grand Prix to try and win some money from the sport at least. See, it’s not all that bad. 

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