Summertime Vibes: “Got Me Singing” by Jaafar Jackson

“I will not stop til’ I hear you sayOh baby, I’m all about youI want it to last,…

“I will not stop til’ I hear you say
Oh baby, I’m all about you
I want it to last, be here day to day
Oh girl, it’s all about you 
You got me singing”

As the son of Jermaine Jackson, and the nephew of Michael and Janet Jackson, Jaafar Jackson undeniably has that platinum coated DNA. Equipped with his trademark Jackson-esqe tone, alluring good looks, stellar dancing ability and ingenuous songwriting skills, Jackson is poised to successfully continue his family’s legacy. He is currently raising his own bar with his debut single, “Got Me Singing”. With it’s bold, flirtatious lyrics backed by it’s Caribbean inspired melodic content, “Got Me Singing’” has that certified summertime  vibe that we’ve all been craving. Shot in Vidigal, Rio de Janerio, Brazil, the accompanying video has since garned over 400k views on YouTube.

With it’s eye-catching choreography intertwined with an intoxicating, yet chill atmosphere, this was to be expected.  Released on June 27, 2019, “Got Me Singing” was  produced by Hardy Indiigo and is currently  streaming across all media platforms. Jaafar Jackson is most definitely bringing the heat this summer and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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