Top Three Torrent Clients for Windows x64 Users


Today, the torrent tracker is one of the most valuable sources of various files. The system is based on the fact that the file itself is downloaded not from the server, but from other users, which allows not only to save the hosting space but also provides the maximum speed when downloading. No wonder that in the past few years this technology has become so popular.

Three Torrent Clients That Will Fit Your x64 Windows


Nowadays, many users are divided into two major groups: those who use Windows x32 version, and those who prefer to install Windows x64. When it comes to applications and software for your PC, you always have separate install files for both Windows versions. Torrent clients are not an exception. It is possible to download torrent clients for Windows x64, regardless of your favorite program. Today, we review the best three clients for Windows x64.


This is the most popular torrent client in the world currently. And this is not at all a joke – every day the program is used by at least several tens of millions (!!!) of the inhabitants of our planet. The popularity is also affected by the fact that the program was released back in 2005 and immediately began to enjoy success with Internet users.

Today, uTorrent manufacturers earn in various ways: the user sees advertising in the client, and in addition, there is a paid version of the program worth about $ 25, in which this advertisement is missing, and there are several additional features, such as the presence of an embedded antivirus. By the way, advertising can be turned off in the free version. If you have Windows x64, it is also possible to download utorrent 64 bit.


Here is why many users around the globe prefer to choose this torrent client:

  • Extremely low minimum requirements that allow the use of the client even on a weak system.
  • Very high speed. Indeed, the reaction of data processing is incredible speed.
  • Anonymity. This is generally one of the main features of uTorrent. The system allows you to work with protocol encryption, proxy, as well as using other means that can make your stay in the network imperceptible.
  • Files can be downloaded alternately. In other words, if you set to download several files at once, you can make them download in order or together.
  • The built-in player that allows you to play already downloaded audio or video files.


This client appeared even earlier than uTorrent – in 2001, which was much earlier than the torrents in our country. Today you can download two versions of the program – paid and free, respectively. Paid is equipped with built-in antivirus software, HD-media player, the ability to convert files on the fly, and also has a lack of advertising. The main features of this client include:

  • The customer is extremely easy to use. By default, the basic settings are set, which no sophisticated user even needs to change, except perhaps the folder for downloading files.
  • The interface is intuitive, even a schoolboy will figure it out. By the way, the design is very simple and pleasant to look at, and the location of the buttons is very similar to those in uTorrent.
  • Synchronization with various devices is possible, which can be very convenient for you. For example, you downloaded a video and want to put it on your iPhone. This will not work without conversion, but since BitTorrent has its converter, it will not be a problem for you.
  • With this program, you can easily search for torrents directly from the interface. This is very convenient because it saves valuable time.
  • Finally, this is the first client developed by the very founder of the P2P protocol, Bram Cohen. For some, this may be an important discovery.


Our list concludes BitComet – a powerful utility that allows the user to work not with one with the same protocol, but with different ones. So, in addition to P2P, you can use the client to work with an FTP server or an eDonkey network, which has become less and less popular in recent years. The main features that may attract your attention:

  • The presence of a built-in FLV-player, which is used to play flash video. It is noteworthy that this format does not produce some popular players.
  • Excellent translation into Russian. No matter how strange it may sound, but the Russian version of the client is translated much better than most other similar programs.
  • The program has its chat. This way, you can chat with other users and discuss the main events of the day or any other topics.
  • In BitComet, there is a built-in Internet browser that allows you to search for torrents directly from one window. Yes, jokes aside, the Internet Explorer.

The disadvantages:

  • There is an advertisement.
  • The program interface is not the easiest and inexperienced user; it can be confused.

Finally, we would like to note that all the described torrent clients can be downloaded for free, while for some of them there is a paid version, which differs in features.

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