Does the Culture need another Hip-Hop Music Competition Show?

Will we get another reality competition show that we will forget about in a few weeks?

Nothing great really comes up on a Tuesday. It’s only the next day after the day you dreaded seeing since Friday, and already the early week has had it’s “Meh” newsreels.

Competition shows have always been hit or miss for me. One moment I’m being dazzled by the worlds of “So You Think You Can Dance” (thanks to my wife), “Sunday’s Best“, and the timeline flooding “X-Factor” vids, to gasping at the fact that they are still trying to beat the dead horse of “American Idol” back into a Unicorn. Advice? Leave it dead.

It’s evident that watching regular people attempt to become known as extraordinary makes for great content. We as the consumer love seeing the possibility of one opportunity, yielding fame, fortune, and the lives we have all dreamed about. It’s the American way; where everyone thinks that they can become a millionaire and famous with minimal to barely any talent or effort. That’s an entirely different article in itself, however, the networks and powers that be still find these drawn-out, pyrotechnic, multiple spotlight, recycled show format to still be profitable.

Hip-Hop culture has its share of shows that were painfully good to watch. “Showtime at the Apollo” was like watching train wrecks with a volatile WWE style crowd and wasn’t afraid to express who they hated and who they liked. Then there was “The Four“…….no comment. Hell, the very first incarnation of “Making the Band” gave us classic fights, Chopper’s bad suit, and a Chappelle Show skit that was just as good as saying Dylan five times while drinking “100% Cambodian Milk“.

It may come at no surprise that Sean “Diddy/Puff Daddy/Dr. Combs” Combs, has put out teasers through Instagram; asking his fans if they would scrape out 30 minutes of their lives to watch a revamped version of the show.
It’s a NO for me Puff. Death to #IWantMyMTB and whoever loves it.

Now enter BET, with their newest effort, “The Next Big Thing“, what will feature 12 contestants on the road to stardom. The Judges/Dream killers will comprise of the legendary Dame Dash, A&R vet Tina Davis, and the Beat Kingpin, Zaytoven. The fact the Charlemagne Tha God is hosting this, and Dame is on board almost gives me a bit of relief, knowing that both men are careful about what and who they cosign. My hope is that it isn’t a representation of what has been pushed forward in Hip-Hop lately. Seriously, listen to Blueface on his song ironically called “Next Big Thing“, and try not to hurl expletives and your last meal while tearing your upper garment in blasphemous rage.

My hope is that they don’t highlight the ratchet, no talent, bastard children of this current culture that we have to actually look for alternatives to. Granted, every incarnation of Rappa turnt sangas, and sangas who are also rap isn’t all bad. But please, give us some substance as you guide these 12 individual talents into our awaiting mumble rap beaten and abused hearts. My hope is that Lil’ Kim and the late Nipsy Hussle give them wisdom about not only making good music but how to survive the pull of the reality competition black hole.

My Twist.

-H. Sylver

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