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Future Walks Away after Bodyguard got Knocked Out


It would seem that Future wants none of the problems A$ap Rocky is dealing with as a Black Hip-Hop Artist abroad. While in Ibiza, Spain, the rapper and his bodyguard were approached in the same manner A$ap was at an international airport.

According to TMZ, a 10-man crew asked the rapper for a photo. Future, tired from the long flight, replied with “Not today, guys.” The men became irate and started to shout racial epithets at the duo.


The bodyguard then stepped in and attempted to block the mob to get Future to safety. A racially-charged attack ensued, resulting in the bodyguard fighting off a few men, before ultimately being knocked out by one of the assailants holding a rock.

Footage Here.

As his bodyguard laid on his face unresponsive, Future is clearly seen walking away towards a waiting area then sitting down, looking oblivious to what just took place. The Atlanta-rapper wanted no parts in the scuffle, as he looked around over his shoulder after looking at his phone.

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H. Sylver
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