The Guru Bubble and Its Impending Burst

It seems like we're living in a day and age where everyone and their momma's claiming to be a "guru" of some kind for financial gain. But that title couldn't be further from the truth.

The Entrepreneur Guru, what a title right? Talk about bloating self-importance…yet in today’s culture it seems to be the norm.

Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of wonderful entrepreneurs out there, that we could all learn a lot from. As an entrepreneur myself I’d definitely consider (as do others) myself as an expert in my field, but I refuse to use the over-utilized self-proclaimed moniker of “Guru”. 

Imagine having a map to buried treasure, you’d want to keep that to yourself, right? And not share it with everyone who has a smartphone and a solid internet connection!

Yet that’s exactly what all these gurus claim to be doing, giving you their secret treasure map… for a price of course.

Here’s the reality though, the only time they want to sell their courses, is when the market has reached peak saturation point! They see their own opportunities dwindling, so they decide to make a course to “show how they did it.”

Perhaps the biggest slap in the face is when they decide to give away most of the information for free…when you give them your email address of course.

Now they have your information in hopes of contacting you when the next “opportunity” arises. 

This has worked for years, the better part of a decade actually, but something feels different now, something is changing. At first, it was the top performers in the world who could pull off the “Guru” claims, the Daymond Johns of the world, Mr. Wonderful and others who have seen massive success.

Then it started to trickle down, we started to get the Grant Cardones and Gary Vs (sigh, anyone else getting tired of that guy?).

Now I can’t even name 99% of the Instagram Influencer Gurus with the “Midas Touch” to success. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for anyone who has success… but at what cost is the success coming? Are they scamming other people into following false hopes and dreams? Or do you see it as encouragement and believe the trend will continue?

I guess the biggest question is… “What’s your Twist?”

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