How to Transform Your User’s Experience

User experience both online when using a website and when accessing their personal account on your website needs to be seamless, captivating, and friendly.

User experience both online when using a website and when accessing their personal account on your website needs to be seamless, captivating, and friendly. You want your users to visit you again and again. The more often they visit you, the more likely they will be to buy from you, whether that purchase is for a product or a service.

Transforming your user’s experience means caring for their needs and exceeding their expectations. This must be done through overt design and a great UX.

Create a Unique Design that Captivates Your Audience 

The first step to transforming your user’s experience when they access your portal or website is to improve the design.

Brilliant and Simple Layout 

Screens, though they have become bigger over time, are still relatively small. Consider the fact that mobile is the number one form of access to the online world, and the need for simplistic, beautiful, and responsive design is critical. Mobile-first indexing has recently rolled out, meaning websites that work and are optimised for mobiles will receive priority when it comes to search engine rankings. Keep the design simple to maximise its effectiveness on phones.


Interactivity is a fun way to engage with your users in a fun and memorable way. If you sell products in particular, for example, and users can customise the final product then give them the tools to see the changes as they make them.


Though themes are great to set up your site, they do look repetitive after a while. If you are a company that wants to stand out and be noticed, consider investing in a unique design and experience.

Ensure They Are Protected On Your Site

Though great design and friendly UX are critical, a safe environment is essential. If you cannot guarantee that your customers and users are safe when using your website, then they will not buy from you. People are very nervous when buying from new companies. Even when it comes to sign-ups, they are likely to put in a throwaway email just to see what you are about without committing to your newsletter. That is why you need to go above and beyond. Some ways you can do this include: 

  • HTTPS Encryption 
  • Use Secure Cloud Servers 
  • Endpoint Protection 
  • Safely Discard Unnecessary Information 
  • Give Your User’s Full Control of Their Data 
  • Insist on a Unique Password 
  • Install Two-Step Verification 
  • Train Your Employees

Your security efforts, of course, need to go beyond just securing your website. You also need to secure your company. Endpoints, or the devices that connect to your server or cloud account, are huge weaknesses. In this example you will want to select an endpoint security solution from to shut down threats on your side, just as much as you will want to invest in the proper website security protocols. 

Give Them Control 

If an EU citizen accesses your website then you must comply with the GDPR. As you already need to adhere to their rules and regulations, you might as well roll out this security to all of your users. Give them control over what information you can have on them. Though this might inhibit your ability to market to them, it is a great way to boost their trust in you. 

Transforming your user’s experience is how you can wow them, make them remember you, and ideally return to your website again and again until they finally become a repeat customer.

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