A Writer’s Guide: Essentials Tools to Make Your Life Easier

As the world progresses, there can never be enough tools that can make a writer’s life easier.

As the world progresses, there can never be enough tools that can make a writer’s life easier. After the research, outlining and structuring of a written piece, there is very little left to do. 

But hat-tip to technology, modern writers can enjoy a sigh of relief with the introduction of truly useful and effective tools that will make their lives a bit easier. 

So if you are a writer, regardless of your field, take a look at these tools and find your ideal support. 

Read on. 

1. Authoring tools

Ideal for the writers creating technical digital content such as for eLearning courses, the right authoring tool can be a crucial addition to your arsenal. 

These tools help you in speeding up the content development process, make the content interesting and interactive, and enable easy remote collaborations. The various kinds of Authoring tools consist of Video content makers, learning management systems and eLearning tools. 

Most of the tools in this category are majorly used for creating online learning courses for educational institutes and for corporate or medical training. 

If you are a writer of this category then you should research and compare eLearning authoring tools before making a purchase. They range differently in terms of expertise required, price brackets, features and compatibility. 

Some of the best authoring tools in the market are Elucidat, Adobe Captivate, Storyline, etc. There are also many free options available.

2. Editing tools

For any writer, proofreading and editing one’s work is crucial. But every writer also realises how time-consuming that can be. For making the work of editing much simpler, there are many sophisticated tools available on the market. 

Tools like Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly are popularly known for their functionalities. Apart from grammar corrections, these tools intuitively suggest sentence structuring and synonyms as well. They also effectively scan your write-ups for possible plagiarism. 

3. Organization tools

The life of a writer, especially a freelancer or remote worker, is likely to suffer from disorientation from time to time. Keeping a track of all the projects, their status, their payment structure, invoice, delivery and deadlines. 

In such cases, taking the support of tools which can help you in organizing your work and administrative tasks and keeping a track of every assignment is essential for maximum efficiency.

On one hand tools such as Trello help you in effectively communicating with clients as well as keeping the status of all your work transparent. On the other hand, Scrivener is a popular solution that allows you to categorically organize all your notes, researches, writings, etc., in one place. 

4. Tools for Productivity

When you are not working in an office space there can be many distractions lowering your efficiency. And the most effective ones, hence the worst, are the ones in your desktop or smartphone. For managing these kinds of distractions and improving your writing efficiency, tools such as Freedom allow you to control the apps on your systems and block them for the time that you wish to be working. 

There are many other tools that make the work of typing fun and, thereby, increasing productivity, for instance, custom keyboards, etc.

5. Marketing Tools

Regardless of creating elearning content for enterprises, startups or any training company, as a writer, you always want your creations to gain engagement and be popular. For making this possible, having the right marketing solutions is crucial. One sure-shot way to achieve warranted visibility is through your own website. If you have a website at your disposal, you can optimize it to attract the right audience. 

It might seem daunting to some writers but in truth, it is an absolute breeze to have your own website. For starters, you can try out hosting websites such as Bluehost which charge minimal costs for website hosting, and MailChimp that makes email marketing extremely easy even for beginners. 

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