Being an Entrepreneur is a Lonely Journey

Are you mentally prepared for the journey?

You’re an entrepreneur and ready to take on the world, make money and ask questions later. Awesome, we’re proud of you and can’t wait to see your business. Are you mentally prepared for the journey? Do you have a mentor that’s talked to you about what it really means to be an entrepreneur and not the pretty images and false stories we see on Instagram? Hopefully. If not… let me give you some real information.

It can be lonely.

You might be thinking that you have a family, are surrounded by friends and being an entrepreneur will provide you with more free time than your job. Let me apologize in advance for the bubble I’m about to burst.

Your family will not understand. This business is your baby but chances are, it was an immaculate conception. Because of that, NO ONE is going to love that business and be as emotionally involved with it as you are. That’s a Fact. Your friends will support you though, well maybe. Hopefully. But don’t expect it.

That’s where most entrepreneurs fail, they EXPECT friends and family to support but that’s just not always the case, unfortunately. As your business grows and starts to show promise, then yeah more will support it because they see this isn’t just some fly-by-night operation. They’ll see you mean business and this is real.

As far as having more time than ever. L O L. Not happening for the first few years (probably longer) at least. Running a business as the founder is a 24/7 365 job. Sure you might still go out and do things, but your business will be on your mind. Out at the movies and you get a notification that your website stopped functioning? Great. Guess what, you’ll be taking care of that I bet. Out to dinner and you get a notification that someone’s writing negative reviews about your business? Good luck enjoying the rest of dinner. It’s all part of the game…the price we pay. Like they say “It costs to be the boss” and I promise, the price isn’t always financially. Sometimes, it’s your sanity, mental and physical health.

Sheesh… this is a lot. Am I being a Debbie Downer?

No. I LOVE entrepreneurship, I preach it to anyone that will listen. I beg our youth to look at it as an option. I want it to be a more attractive option than playing in the NBA, NFL or other professional sports. But I also want people to be realistic about it. It’s not always pretty, far from easy, and not the glamorous influencer lifestyle we often see portrayed on Instagram.

With all this said, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. And if you’re still reading this and interested. Then maybe you are a true entrepreneur.

Go for it. Do it. And Win. But be prepared for the loneliness and sleepless nights.

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