Hustlenomics: Entrepreneurs Vs. Wantrepreneurs

Let’s dispel this myth that hustling is a bad term.

Let’s dispel this myth that hustling is a bad term. All of the successful entrepreneurs are hustlers, everyone who’s telling you they aren’t is a wantrepreneur. Actually I’d argue that Hustling is the key factor that separates an entrepreneur from a wantreprenuer.

Let’s start with what is a wantrepreneur?

Well it’s someone who wants to be an entrepreneur wants to be their own boss sees all the Instagram Influencers and believes they’ll come up with an idea and suddenly be teleported to Belize sipping Mai Tais. I’m here to tell you, that’s not how it works… that’s not how any of this works!

Wantrepreneurs will constantly make excuses, talk about how their friends and family won’t support them and do very little to accomplish their goals. Good, we’ve got that out the way. Now let’s talk business.

Hustlenomics 101: if you aren’t making sales, it’s on you and no one else. No one’s buying from your website? Okay, are you selling at vendor events? No one’s buying at vendor events? Are you going door to door selling your products? No, then you’re a wantrepreneur.


If you’ve ever listened to Mark Cuban speak he’ll tell you how he would go door to door selling garbage bags. Garbage bags! But he’s a hustler and look at him now. He’s a billionaire, NBA team owner, Movie Theater owner, and of course on Shark Tank.

There is no secret sauce to this. No Illuminati entrepreneur handshake. If you want success as an entrepreneur you must hustle and you must make moves.

Paralysis by Analysis is real, if you wait for the perfect time to make moves, you won’t make moves. If you take action and “just do it” you’ll quickly be on your way to success!

Now get out there Entrepreneurs and make it happen.

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