Looking for the Best Generators? Here’s the Only Generator Buying Guide You Need!


Like going outdoors on your camper? Enjoy going out in nature but still want the comforts of modern living? People who are not looking to go out and camp in full, need the best generator.

More than half of all campers don’t receive electrical hookups in known campsites. If you and your family live outdoors most of the time, this won’t do at all. You still need all the comforts that modern society avails you.


Whether you’re going out in the wild or need some extra power at home, the best generators can give you long-lasting power that gives you more value for your money. 

Which one is worth it?

In this guide, we give you the best generators for sale you can use. From generators for home use to the best portable generator, here’s what you need:

1. WEN 56200i


The WEN 56200i is a portable generator vying for the best in its class. Its low-cost is garnering people’s interest, while its strong efficiency is keeping users happy. Sure, there are other generators diesel for sale out there, but it’s something people enjoy using.

What makes the WEN 56200i able to duke it out with generator powerhouses like Yamaha and Honda is weight. With its 48lbs (21.78kg) total weight, it’s lightweight and should be easy to move around. With a 1600W continuous run and a 2000W surge, it’s the best generator hands down.

At half the price of its competition, the WEN56200i is a great option for people on a budget. It has a few cons, however.

For one, it only has 6 hours on 50% load time, which is shorter than most generators for home use. There’s also the problem of operational history. 

Sure, the WEN brand is reliable so far, but you’re not sure what you’re getting with the generator. Many users complain about the quality of the internal parts, which points to a lack of longevity.

For people looking to find generators for home use, the WEN56200i is something you’d want to consider. It’s a great portable generator on a budget. If you’re not iffy with your brands, we’re sure you’d love this generator.


2. Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200

The Briggs & Stratton Powersmart is a powerful, versatile option with a specific use in mind. It is a portable generator with camping and tailgating in mind. This inverter generator is a workhorse, but it’s light enough for daily use with decent operation time.

With an easy carry handle, the P2200 Powersmart weighs 55lbs. At 25 percent load, it runs for an efficient 8 hours on a single gallon of fuel. The power output is stable and clean, making it great for use in small applications like gadgets.

The P2200 has a surge of 2200 watts, with running watts at around 1700. Its 111cc engine is quiet at 59 dB and efficient, with low general emissions. This means it’s the best generator if you want to have a party outdoors.

The problem the P2200 Powersmart has is its unreliability. Some customer reports note how the portable generator fails after a few months of use. 

If you want something you can carry or space is a premium, look for it in the generators for sale. The Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 Powersmart is the right option for you.

3. Generac 22,000W Guardian

We all know that the standby generator is hard to install and setup. Even then, they are the best generators for home use with their sheer power. The best home generator tends to depend on the size of your home – the bigger it is, the bigger you need. 

The Generac 22,000 Watt Guardian is the biggest, lumbering beast, making it the best home generator. It is an automatic generator that kicks in when there is any type of power outage. At 22,000 watts, it’s powerful enough to power the largest homes without refueling for a few days.

If you’re uneasy with how your Generac 22,000 Watt Guardian works, the company has 24/7 support. Their customer service team is easy to work with and can help you maintain your generator.

4. Briggs and Straton 12,000W Fortress

Briggs and Straton have always been upfront with their intent on maximizing small spaces. If space is a premium, even at home, looking for home generators for sale can be a problem. The Briggs and Straton 12,000W Fortress is the best generator you can find for a small home.

A small standby generator at 12,000 watts or below is a great option for use at the small to medium scale. If you don’t have too many devices to power, this low wattage comes with a low price, to begin with. The Briggs and Stratton 12,000W Fortress Generators are the best generators for home use.

You can use this standby generator if you want essential power coverage and nothing more. This generator can handle two motorized appliances like air-conditioning units. Together with small use appliances, the small footprint of this generator makes it a great choice.

If you want to track how this generator is doing, you can find its wireless monitoring useful. It allows you to see the current status of the generator so you will be ready on the next power outage. The built to last engine is great for any home willing to make sure they have power ready.

The Briggs and Straton 12,000W Fortress Generator is the best home generator for small homes. It’s hard to argue when you know it’s a brand that you can trust in quality.

Find the Best Generators for Your Needs

When it comes to the best generators, finding the right one is crucial for you. If you’re on the go, a portable generator is the right choice for mobility and budget. When looking for generators for home use, standby generators that fit the size of your home is crucial.

Looking for more guides on generators? Trying to find which one can work for your home or trailer? 

We’re here to help you out.

We have different buying guides that can help you decide on the best generator for your needs. We also have different guides that can help you pick the right generator for you. Keep browsing our site today.

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