Dr. Kami Hoss: Cool Tips to Get Your Kids Interested in Dental Hygiene

My family and I have lived in the San Diego and Los Angeles area all of our lives…

My family and I have lived in the San Diego and Los Angeles area all of our lives and the one thing that many focus on here is beauty, in particular, a killer smile. This has lead to a really responsible approach to dentistry and encouraging people to care more for their dental hygiene. Unfortunately however nobody has told my kids that and trying to get them to care about their dental hygiene has been pretty tough. I consulted our brilliant dentist Dr. Kami Hoss to see if he had some tips which he could share with us that would give the kids a little more motivation to be more conscious of their oral hygiene. He was able to share with us a number of tips which have worked really well and the kids have completely changed their attitudes towards their dental hygiene. 

If your kids aren’t as responsible as you would like when it comes to their oral hygiene then give these tips a try and see if you can give them a little more encouragement to take better care of their teeth. 

Timed Brushing

If you tell your kids to brush their teeth for 2 minutes then they may very well end up brushing them for 30 seconds or 10 minutes as their concept of time often leaves much to be desired. In order to get them to brush fo this length of time and be more interested in it you can set a timer next to them, which amazing works really well. Our kids ensure that they brush until the beep goes off, and they seem to rather enjoy it. 

Brushing Together 

Brushing our teeth has now very much turned into a family event and each night we all head to the bathroom before the kids go to bed, and collectively brush our teeth. The kids love this and they seem to get quite annoyed if one of us is late, a very cool way to get your kids a little more motivated to brush their teeth before bedtime and when they wake up. 

Buying a Brush 

Honestly I had never considered the idea of letting the kids choose their own brush but after Dr. Hoss mentioned that this might be a good idea I took the kids down to Walmart to pick up some new brushes, I gave them a choice of all the kids brushes and they made their selections based on which were the ‘coolest’. After we got back from the store the kids wanted to take their brushes for a test run straight away and now they cannot get enough of bruising their teeth. Having something of their own is very important and whilst I never thought that this would extend to a toothbrush, apparently it does. 

Three simple and easy tips which have encouraged my kids to take far better care of their teeth, why not give them a try with your kids? Moreover, this can help you minimize the number of urgent trips you need to make to the Dentist in Sacramento.

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