Bright sounds for dark days: Three Strands’ “Further On Ahead”

Ashly E. Smith

Hailing from Lancaster, PA, Sean “Three Strands” aka Cox, finds a common bond with those coping with anxiety, insecurity and many of life’s pressures and uncertainties with his stirring new single “Further On Ahead”. With its supple, yet soothing melody, the song serves as that listening ear that we all need from time to time. Co-produced by Lucas Gienow, the song chronicles avoiding the tendency to project one’s lack of self worth onto others; as well as allowing that negativity to linger on. Through the song’s meaningful lyrics, Cox underscores the conclusion that he arrives from within. “The quest I’ve undertaken has greatly impacted my writing, while allowing me to be more open and honest with myself,” Cox says.

“That in turn, has given me a cause and ability to express my thoughts through my music”. “We often believe that happiness is just out of reach, but for me, “Further On Ahead” is like a journal entry that details a very specific time in my life.” Crediting his parents for his musical influences of southern rock, blues and R&B, Cox first picked up guitar at the age of 13 and began writing original songs soon after. “I was addicted to performing and writing things that connected with other people,” he says. With “Further On Ahead”, Cox aims to conquer his own difficulties, while additionally providing hope for those on the verge of giving up.


“My goal with this new single is to convey the idea that nobody needs to feel alone,” Cox says.

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