7 Summer Cleaning Tips if You Have a Big Home

Summer is a great moment to give your house a fresh and polished look.

Summer is a great moment to give your house a fresh and polished look. To achieve this, you don’t need to spend a fortune on renovation. The simplest and most cost-effective way of preparing the house for the summer is making it all clean and shiny. It will demand time and effort, especially if you’re living in a big house, but the result will be worth your while.

Make a schedule

Cleaning a big house requires spending a significant amount of time on this task. There is no need to clean the whole house right away, you can create a cleaning schedule around your other commitments. You may decide to clean one room a day or, given that you have more time to spare, you may choose to go floor by floor. Make sure to carefully consider how much time you’ll need for a particular task, otherwise you’ll just put too many things on your to-do list. No one knows your house better than you, so you’re the one who knows which areas will need more attention than others.

Establish a system

Cleaning your rooms one-by-one is one way to be very meticulous, but it may not be the most time-efficient way. Having a system can help you clean efficiently and this way, you won’t miss the spaces which could have been overlooked otherwise. A good method would be to set yourselves a chore to complete during a given time before starting the next one, e.g. dust all the surfaces throughout the house and then vacuum the whole floor.

Prepare all the tools

Before you get to cleaning, prepare all the tools you’ll need. Make sure you have all the necessary cleaning products and that the ones you own haven’t gone past their expiration date. It is often cheaper to make your own cleaning supplies, so you may want to look up how to do it. It’s especially important for allergy-prone people, as homemade solutions usually contain less chemical ingredients. Whichever option you choose, keeping all the tools prepared in one place will help you save time when you get to work.

Declutter the house

Summer cleaning can be a great opportunity to get rid of all the unnecessary things lying around. Separate your belongings into things you want to keep and those you want to throw away. Remember that you can give such unwanted things away, provided that they are of good quality. Decluttering your house before cleaning will speed up the whole process, as there will simply be less of a mess to tidy up. No to mention that, just by neatly organizing your space, you can give your house a much cleaner look.

Clean from top to bottom

When you start cleaning the room, remember to start from the top. This way, all the dust will fall on the surfaces that haven’t been cleaned yet. Otherwise, you’ll just double your workload. Instead of just randomly cleaning different parts of the room, you can choose one side to clean first and continue from there. Your work will be more efficient and you won’t miss a spot.

Clean the windows

While cleaning windows is no one’s favourite thing to do, there’s just no way around it. You can’t fully enjoy your house in the summer if you don’t get to fill your space with sunlight. One of the biggest perks of the summer months is the amount of natural light you can utilise during the day instead of using lamps. And this will not be possible if you don’t get rid of all the dirt accumulated on your windows over the winter first.

Get helpers

Having a big house has many upsides, but its one big downside is the amount of effort it takes to keep it clean. It may be a huge task for one person, but if you get help from your family, it will be done so much faster. If you simply can’t find anyone willing to give you a hand, you can hire someone to assist you at least in some tasks. Look for local ads to see whether there are people looking for extra jobs. For example, you may look for someone who will clean windows in Edmonton or someone who will take care of gardens in Calgary.

The main reason behind cleaning a house is to make it more comfortable to live in. That’s why you shouldn’t stress yourself about perfect results and just calmly focus on keeping up with your schedule.

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