Plan Your Romantic Honeymoon Trip With A Singapore Cruise

Being one of the most famous travel destinations in the world, Singapore is a constantly evolving country that…

Being one of the most famous travel destinations in the world, Singapore is a constantly evolving country that is home to numerous attractions. Be it the vibrant beaches or the beautifully illuminated streets, the cozy rooftop bars or the spectacular gardens, the country has a lot in store to make for a perfect romantic vacation. So, if you are thinking about which place you should visit on your honeymoon, let that place be Singapore!

If you wish to make your trip to Singapore even more interesting, consider going on a cruise. Booking your Singapore Cruise package in India is easy and occasionally there are options of cruises from India to Singapore every year.   A cruise offers a lot of exciting activities on board along with a fine dining experience that you can enjoy when you set sail upon the blue waters of the sea. 

If you wish to stroll on the top deck with your spouse or to eat the finest cuisines under the stars with the sapphire waters wrapped around you, opt for Singapore cruise packages for your honeymoon today and let your cruising experience begin!

Not sure about the romantic things you can do on a cruise from Singapore? We tell you:

Reserve a table for two at a swanky restaurant onboard

Choosing a table for two at a swanky restaurant located at an intimate spot aboard the ship is something you must plan for on your honeymoon cruise. Have a decadent dinner with your significant other as you savor succulent dishes with delicious wine. You can go for outdoor seating if the option is available. With such a setting, you will get to gaze at the stunning waters of the ocean and experience its soft breeze while you eat – perfect for your honeymoon. For instance, if you make a Singapore cruise booking from India aboard the Quantum of the Seas, you can have your meal at Izumi, a fresh sushi bar, after which you could go for a casual drink at Vintages.

Spend a romantic couple’s afternoon by retreating to a spa

Head for a couple’s massage at the spa on your cruise ship and unwind and relax with your partner by your side. Rejuvenating with a massage with your partner can prove to be really romantic. If you make a cruise booking for Singapore with Voyager of the Seas, you can go to the Spa and Fitness Center for the same and check if they have a couple’s massage option.

Go for an entertainment option that interests you and your spouse

Be it watching a musical production, a casual concert, or a movie screening on the cruise; going for full-blown entertainment that you both love can be one of the best things that you do on your cruise trip from Singapore. Your honeymoon is all about making memories and there is no better way of celebrating it than doing something that both of you like.

Watch the sunrise or sunset onboard the ship amidst the sapphire waters

Watch the sunrise or sunset with your spouse by your side as you gaze at the sky changing colors upon the vast ocean. Take a sunset stroll on the deck or eat your favorite breakfast during sunrise.

You can also spend a peaceful morning while watching the sunrise from your balcony as you stand hand-in-hand with your partner. And when the night comes, you can lie down under the stars and create cherished memories as you cuddle together under the deep blue sky.

Do different activities together to strengthen your bond

You can go have fun by taking part in adventure-filled activities. Start with some rock-climbing together and get a striking view of the ocean as you climb up or go onto a thrilling waterslide for an action-packed adventure.

For instance, if you cruise from Singapore by making a Singapore cruise booking from India on the Quantum of the Seas, you both can go for a skydiving simulator for an exhilarating adventure. On the other hand, when you cruise from India to Singapore aboard the Voyager of the Seas, you can hop upon the high-speed water slide and have a thrilling time together.

What to do when you reach Singapore?

A honeymoon should be about romantic evenings and exploring places that offer you a quiet time together. Here is a list of some places that you can visit on your honeymoon cruise trip from Singapore:

  • Sentosa Island: This gorgeous island is one of the places that you can visit forits beaches, retreats, and sea sports. Lie on the white sands early morning or go for a walk at the Butterfly Parkand have a romantic time together. You can also play some beach volleyball at the Siloso beach for a perfect time together.
  • Orchard Road: This road is a boulevard of dining and retail having over 5,000 establishments. Take a stroll with your spouse and shop and eat to your heart’s content as you pass by a futuristic-looking mall, an art gallery, and many other establishments. Don’t forget to gather souvenirs of your Singapore trip when you plan to visit Orchard Road.
  • Singapore Zoo: A visit to the zoo is a must while in Singapore. Watch an orangutan, Malaysian flying foxes, ring-tailed lemurs, and many more wonderful creatures as the zoo that has a total of 2800 residents.

After you are done exploring the different points of interest of Singapore with your partner, you can then move to nearby locations that are equally breathtaking, such as Thailand, Malaysia, etc. When in Malaysia, do not forget to visit the state of Penang. The historic charm of the state clubbed with the Penang National Park, the Blue Mansion, and the Tropical Spice Garden will offer you the perfect romantic trip you wished for. If you pay Thailand a visit, then do check out Phuket, one of the best beach destinations in the world. Phuket offers a perfect romantic setting as you get to walk on white sands along beautiful beaches with your spouse by your side. 

Being one of Asia’s most popular tourist places, Singapore has so much in store to be a great honeymoon destination. It offers you numerous walking trails, gorgeous gardens, and green skyscrapers that are slowly lining up the country. Plus, a trip to Singapore gets even better when you opt for a cruise from Singapore by booking a Singapore cruise from India for a romantic yet fantastic honeymoon trip.

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