12 Stylish Tattoo Ideas for Men That Can Be Easily Covered at Work

Who says you have to choose between work or tattoos? Here are some great tattoo ideas for men that can be covered at work.

Are you looking for great tattoo ideas for men?

Tattoos are a great way to express someone’s personality and taste in art at the same time. Nowadays, more people begin to appreciate the ink people have on their bodies. Often, it becomes a subject of positive conversation and admiration when someone shows their tattoos off.

However, there are still those who think of tattoos as self-destructive instead of artistic. Often, this is the older generation of conservatives and those raised by their ideals. Though they are few, their opinions still have an impact on certain things, like for a place of business.

This is why you see a lot of businesses discouraging their employees from getting tattoos. Does that mean you should give up on getting a tattoo though? Of course not!

Keep reading for cool tattoos for men which you can cover up at work with ease.

1. Geometric Animals

 2 designs are dominating the tattoo industry right now. One of them is geometric designs and the other is designs of animals. So, why not put them both together to make a stylish tattoo which you can hide at work?

Geometric animal tattoos only need minimal line work and still, look like something worth appreciating. These tattoos also fit well on your shoulder or upper arm. This makes it easy to hide whenever you’re at work.

2. Tribal Patterns

Simple, small, yet intricate patterns make tribal tattoos a great choice for working professionals. These are also great first tattoo ideas for men as they appeal to most tastes. The small space they take up also makes them easy to hide no matter where they are.

Often, these tattoos are on your arms or legs, so all you need to do is roll up your sleeves or pant legs.

3. Asymmetrical Shapes

Asymmetrical shapes are becoming one of the more popular tattoo ideas for men nowadays. This is because they look chaotic while maintaining some sort of order to the design. What makes them a good choice for you is they’re popular on the upper arms going down.

So, as long as you have a long-sleeved shirt on you, there’s no need to worry about this tattoo getting seen.

4. Small Designs of Wildlife

Wildlife is another popular choice for your tattoo and it’s also customizable. You can choose your favorite animal to put on your arm or leg. This way, the animal you put here has some special meaning for you.

These are also popular design choices for custom temporary tattoos. This gives customers a chance to get another design in the future.

5. Favorite Song Verse or Lyric

Everyone interprets songs, their melodies, their verses, and their message in unique ways depending on their moods at the moment they first hear it. This makes this tattoo idea a unique one in that only you can explain the meaning of your tattoo.

You can also put this anywhere, so you can put it in a place where no one will see it at work.

6. Cats

Right now, there’s nothing bigger on the internet than cats. People love them and any cat video can go viral with ease. If you love them as much as the internet does, then getting a tattoo of one will be a great idea.

You can go for a small design like a simple outline of a cartoonish cat drawing for your tattoo or you could go full detail and have a beautiful cat somewhere on your body. The problem with the latter is that it’s too big for your arm or leg. So, you can have it as a back tattoo instead.

7. Forest-Themed Tattoos

Another great arm tattoo design revolves around nature. Forests are easy to execute and can become beautiful even if you don’t have high hopes for the design. They also tend to end around the wrist area, giving you a lot of space to hide it during your work hours.

8. Angel Wings

Looking to have a big project done on your back? Wing tattoos are your best bet for that.

Nothing beats the intricate details put into each feather of your wings. Though it may take a long time, the rewards will be worth the wait.

What’s great about back tattoos is there’s no problem in covering them up. There’s also no reason for you to take your shirt off at work and expose it. So, no one will know unless you tell them about it.

9. Tiny Nautical Themes

If you’re looking for small tattoos for men, then you should consider anything with a nautical theme. These designs are great because no matter how small they get; everyone will get what they are. Designs following this also tend to look well even if they’re tiny.

This makes it easy to cover up while keeping the design of the tattoo.

10. Simple Bands Circling a Limb

If you wear short sleeves to work and don’t want to risk exposing an obvious tattoo, then you should get one that’s a simple band.

This makes your tattoo inconspicuous even when it gets exposed to your customers when you’re raising your hand to greet them or reach for something on a shelf above.

11. Inspirational Quotes

Having trouble with your day to day life? Why not get a tattoo of an inspirational quote on your arm? This will help you through each day by motivating you every time you look at it.

12. Initials of an Important Person

This is a popular tattoo to get for married people. You get the initials of your spouse tattooed where your ring would be. This way, when you take it off, their initials will be there for you to see.

Since the chances of someone asking you to take off your wedding ring are small, it makes it a well-hidden tattoo.

Inspire Yourself With These Tattoo Ideas for Men

Looking to get a cool tattoo but need to maintain a professional appearance for your job? Check out these tattoo ideas for men which you can cover up at work! Tattoos take quite a while to heal, so get one now and be all ready for work sooner than later!

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