3 Benefits of Attending Trade Schools like the Milan Institute

As more political pundits debate the growing student loan crisis, one thing remains clear: student loans are overwhelming to repay if you don’t have a good job.

As more political pundits debate the growing student loan crisis, one thing remains clear: student loans are overwhelming to repay if you don’t have a good job. Another obvious fact is that it can be challenging to find a job that pays you well if your degree isn’t in a wisely chosen field, making it even harder to make ends meet. While the knowledge gained from a liberal arts degree is applicable to a variety of fields on paper, many students entering school now may fare better if they attend trade schools like the Milan Institute of Cosmetology instead of heading to universities to study more theoretical subjects. Here are some other benefits of attending a trade school like the Milan Institute.

Easy pipeline to solid-paying jobs

Job security is pivotal to being able to live the life you want to. Knowing when you’re going to get paid and where that money is going to come from each month is the first step to setting up a budget and making strong financial decisions. Without a good income, you’ll be hard-pressed to succeed financially. And without a good job, you’ll be hard-pressed to find good income. This equation gets simpler when you attend a trade school. 

Some students find it challenging to find work after college, but for many, the first career you take after graduation is more important than you think. That’s because if your first job out of school doesn’t require a degree, you’ll be underemployed from the start. A degree from somewhere like the Milan Institute sets you up for a specific trade and a specific career, making it easier to transition from school into a well-paid job. 

Cosmetologists can make up to $18.80 per hour. Salaried cosmetologists make close to $50,000 or more annually depending on their location and the structure of profit-sharing, tips, and bonuses within their salon. This means that the outlook for cosmetologists in America is quite high, making the decision to study cosmetology at a trade school a wise and fulfilling career move for many.

Good way to save money on college

Trade schools are also generally much cheaper than traditional four-year degree programs. Part of this is because many of the extra credits necessary for a bachelor’s degree from a liberal arts university are cut out of a program when its sole focus is preparing you for a trade. When you consider that the average cost of a credit hour is $594, it’s easy to see how cutting back on unnecessary credits is a good way to save money on your degree. Particularly if you’re interested in going into a field like cosmetology, credits in courses like music history won’t do you much good. That’s not to say it isn’t information worth learning, but if it’s a domain that interests you, you’d be better off to learn about the subject online from a teaching website. 

Time-efficient schooling option

Along with saving students money, trade schools also save students time. Many trade school degrees can be obtained in as little as six months to a year, which makes institutions like the Milan Institute of Cosmetology an excellent choice for those who want to enter the workforce quickly. The ability to graduate from trade programs quickly also makes trade schools a worthwhile choice if you’re considering making a career change and want to build skills fast. 

As more attention is focused on the human and financial costs associated with student loans, trade schools should be part of the discussion. Promising a host of benefits, including lower costs and higher-paying jobs, young people do well for many reasons when they consider going to a trade school.

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