How Botox Can Help You With Severe Underarm Sweating

If you’ve heard of Botox before you’ve probably heard primarily of how it works for wrinkles, right?

If you’ve heard of Botox before you’ve probably heard primarily of how it works for wrinkles, right? You’ve heard about people getting Botox injections to help them look younger and to tighten up laugh lines or lines around the eyes and forehead. But have you ever heard of Botox for underarm sweating? It’s actually a very common procedure and one that can definitely improve your quality of life, if you know what it’s all about. 

Botox for Hyperhidrosis

Okay, let’s start by pointing out that hyperhidrosis is actually the technical name for excessive underarm sweating. If you’re the type of person that always seems to be perspiring or seems to experience a lot of sweating even when there doesn’t seem to be a cause for it, you may have hyperhidrosis and you may be a good candidate for this type of treatment. Botox can actually help because of the way it works in general. It’s used to paralyze different muscles in the body. That’s how it’s used medically and it’s how it’s used cosmetically as well. That’s also what it takes to reduce underarm sweating.

What happens is that Botox is injected under the arms. When this happens it stops the body from secreting a specific chemical that tells your body to sweat. While sweating in many cases is used to help keep you cool, excessive underarm sweat generally does not have these types of benefits associated with it. So, by stopping that chemical and stopping the sweat glands from being activated, it actually helps you stay dry and comfortable. The more Botox is injected the longer the effects will last (though there are limits to how much can be injected at a time). 

What it Means for You

Of course, if you’re suffering from hyperhidrosis you’re probably thinking this is a great thing and that it’s going to be an excellent investment for you. But you should weigh out the pros and cons of this procedure. For one thing, it’s going to be an expensive procedure. It can cost upwards of $1,000 to have it done to both underarms. For another, you need to find a dermatologist or doctor that will do the treatment for you. You should never get Botox done in a facility that doesn’t have proper licensing and proper medical professionals on staff to give the injection. 

Remember also, this is a procedure that will need to be repeated periodically. Just how frequently is going to be dependent on your body specifically and the amount of Botox that is injected. On average, this type of treatment will need to be done every 3 to 6 months, though it could be more or less depending on your level of exercise, stress and other factors. In general, anything that would normally make you sweat could accelerate the process of your body burning through the stored Botox and getting you back to sweating again. 

Should You Get Botox?

If you’ve been experiencing hyperhidrosis you could definitely talk with your doctor about the options that are out there for you. There are some medications and topical solutions that you can use (aside from antiperspirants and deodorants) to help combat the issue. For some, however, these solutions just don’t work or don’t work well enough. In these cases, you can talk with your doctor about the possibility of Botox injections to help you with your condition. It may be the ideal solution if you’ve been trying everything else and it just doesn’t seem to be working. 

If you have certain other medical conditions or if you’re taking certain types of medication or if you’re pregnant or under 18 you should not get Botox. Your doctor will be able to discuss with you if you’re a good candidate or if there are factors that you should consider before you make this kind of choice. In the end, however, it’s going to be up to you to decide what’s the best choice for your body. 

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