‘Hustlers’ Movie Sparks Interest in Meaning of the Word

When you hear the word ‘hustler’ or ‘hustle’, what do you think of?

When you hear the word ‘hustler’ or ‘hustle’, what do you think of? Well, don’t be surprised to find that your definition of the word is very different from that of a friend or family member because this is one of those terms that have different meanings based on the situation, context, and the person’s own deception. Some people have heard the term used a lot in passing but never really stopped to think about what it actually means.

A new movie that is set to be released in September has helped to spark interest in the meaning of the word and what it means to different people. Your age, your background, and even the circles you mix in can have an impact on what this word means to you.

More About the Movie

So, what is this movie that has generated so much interested in a simple term? Well, ‘Hustlers’, which will be released around mid-September, has an all-star cast including the fabulous Jennifer Lopez. It is inspired by a 2015 New York Times article and is focused around three ex-stripped who decide to hustle a group of men they hang around with. These are wealthy, party-loving men that have no concerns about the girls’ situation and circumstances – and they have the money that the girls want to get their hands on!

Other Meanings of the Term

The term ‘hustle’ or ‘hustler’ has been around for far longer than people think, although the meaning has changed many times over the years. For instance, in the 1600s, it was used to describe a shaking movement and the term hustle-cap was used to describe money being shaken in…you guessed it…a cap! A couple of centuries later, people were using the term hustle to describe having to move fast to succeed, which led to the term hustle-bustle, which many may be familiar with.

The term also became popular in the early 1960s thanks to another movie, ‘The Hustler’, which used the term in the more modern way in which it is known these days. In modern society, many people associate the term with making money through whatever means such as cheating. For example, you’ll see plenty of movies where there is something described as a hustler, such as someone who pretends not to be able to do something such as play pool until money is put on the table, and they suddenly reveal their expertise and take the cash.

Another thing that has popularized the word ‘hustler’ over the years is the famous brand, which was developed in the 1960s. In the 1970s, the adult magazine came along and these days you can even visit the HUSTLER® Hollywood online adult store. A lot of people are most familiar with this term as a result of the brand and this is the first thing that springs to mind when they hear the word.

Whatever your interpretation of this term, one thing is for certain – there are lots of fans looking forward to the up and coming movie. 

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