Tips for Buying the Best Diamond Pendant

Your jewelry collection won’t be complete without a diamond pendant.

Your jewelry collection won’t be complete without a diamond pendant. It’s classy and versatile, fit for any kind of outfit, immaterial of when you wear it. 

Just like a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond solitaire ring, diamond pendants can also be worn on any given day for an effortlessly chic vibe. 

Diamond pendants, with their luxurious and classy appeal, can also be excellent gift choices. Your recipient will surely treasure them and wear them for a lifetime. 

Since there are various styles and types of diamond pendants, it’s crucial to carefully choose the one that will fit your preference and lifestyle. Also, make sure to only buy from a reputable jeweler. Remember that it’s an expensive purchase, so you have to do it right. 

Here are some tips to help you purchase the diamond pendant that will be worth your money. 

Pendant Styles 

Since there are plenty of pendant styles, it’s best to know first what style you’re looking for. Do you want a dressier kind or are you on the lookout for a classic, laidback style you can wear every day? 

If you’re looking for a versatile pendant style, go for the diamond solitaire pendant. This style is classic and simple, suitable for day to day wearing. It has a single diamond on the chain’s end. 

You can wear it with an evening gown or with denim jeans and a white t-shirt. You can either dress up or dress down and still look stylish and chic.  

Solitaire pendants are mounted in various settings, influencing the pendant’s overall style, so you also have to pay close attention to its setting style. 

If you want pendants that stand out, go for pendants with different shapes, halos, and multiple stones. 

If you wish to buy brilliant and sparkling pendants, one with melee diamonds is your best bet. Then again, in terms of value, a single solitaire is way more valuable compared to pendants with melee diamonds. 

Pendant Settings

Diamond pendants usually come in platinum and gold settings. Both settings don’t fade and tarnish so you can wear it daily. 

Compared to gold, platinum is more expensive and more prestigious. If you’re on a tight budget, go for gold instead of platinum. Gold comes in three different colors — rose, yellow, and white. It also comes in two levels of purity — 18K, and 14K. 

When it comes to setting, pendants made of diamonds are usually mounted in 6 or 4 prong settings. The good thing about this type of setting is that it interferes less with the light performance of the diamond, allowing the gemstone to interact with light coming from different angles freely. 

This interaction enhances the fire and brilliance of the stone and makes it sparkle more beautifully. 

Another great kind of setting is the bezel setting where the entire diamond is surrounded by metal, securing it safely in a stable mounting. Then again, this setting can lessen the diamond’s sparkle as you can only see the gemstone on one side. 

If you’re looking for diamonds with enhanced brilliance with the stone still safely tucked in place, go for pendants with a halo setting. This kind of setting adds shining diamond melees on the corner of the stone. 

If you need expert advice on finding the right pendant, visit Sunny Diamonds today and talk to an expert jeweler. Sunny Diamonds have a vast collection of necklaces so you can surely find one fit to your style and preference. 

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