How to Stay Warmer at Home this Winter

It’s hard to look your best when you’re shivering your way through winter.

It’s hard to look your best when you’re shivering your way through winter. Summer is certainly on its way out, so the time has come to think about staying a bit warmer this year. Struggling your way through the colder months is no fun for anybody. Luckily, you can do a lot when it comes to staying warmer at home, and that doesn’t mean merely cranking up the thermostat and waiting for the bill to come through. While there’s not a lot that you can do about the temperatures outside, here’s what you can do to make sure that your lips aren’t turning blue when the snow arrives.

Insulation Tips

The goal of heating is to make sure that your rooms are warm, not your walls. Foil insulation is a must-have for the winter. You can do this yourself with some thin cardboard and some tinfoil. Wrap the foil around the cardboard and position it carefully behind as many of your radiators as possible. What this does is reflect that heat straight back into your home, so that it gets warmer faster and loses less heat to the walls themselves. 

Cunning Curtains

One of your most valuable home accessories for staying warm, curtains, or day and night blinds are indispensable in the winter. Don’t make the mistake of keeping them closed throughout the winter, though. Open them up in the day because the sun still pops out occasionally, and that can help keep your home warmer. Of course, when the sun goes down, and the cold starts to hit, make sure that those thick curtains are fully closed. This will help keep your warmth in and cut down your heating bills as well.


No matter what kind of heating, ventilation or air conditioning system you have, now is the time to get it serviced. The last thing that you want is to deal with a broken heating system over the winter. This can be a big job, so don’t feel that you must do it yourself. Simply Google “HVAC near me” and be ready to answer some questions about your heating system. This one simple task could make all the difference when the temperature starts to drop.

Sofa Relocation

One of the biggest home mistakes that people make is putting their sofa right in front of the radiator. This might seem like a good idea, but all it does is let your furniture absorb heat. That’s not ideal, and it can have a horrific effect on your energy bills. If you want to stay warmer this winter, then relocate your sofa so that it’s away from the walls. You want the warmth from your heating to circulate, so don’t block it up with furniture (this extends to clothes drying as well).

Chimney Care

If you have a chimney at home, then you’re probably already picturing a roaring fire and a mug of hot chocolate. Don’t race to stock up on marshmallows just yet. Your chimney needs to be checked and cleaned before you start loading it up with logs. Remember, when your fireplace is not being used, close the flue. Otherwise, you’re going to be letting a lot of your interior warmth go up the spout.

Quick Fixes

Sometimes, the temperatures drop before you’re ready. In those cases, you might not have fully prepped your home. That means taking some emergency steps. There are some straightforward remedies for staying warmer at home that doesn’t require any DIY. They might seem obvious right now, but if you’re sitting in a cold house wondering where it all went wrong, try these quick fixes:

  • Wear more clothes
  • Cuddle your pets (or your partner)
  • Leave the oven door open after cooking (but still turn it off)
  • Drink warm drinks (you know you don’t need any excuses to have another hot toddy)
  • Relocate to a smaller room that is easier to keep warm
  • Exercise
  • Visit friends with a warmer house

It’s not fun trying to relax in a home that’s too cold. If you’ve delayed getting your home ready for winter, then these quick fixes can stave off the lower temperatures until you can start doing some emergency work.

As much as winter is one of the most magical times of the year, it can also be very uncomfortable, and even dangerous. Take stock now and make notes of what needs doing around your home. Start getting ready for winter while you can still do it easily, and you’ll spend less time shivering and more time relaxing in your warm and cozy home.

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