Is It Time for a Career Change? Seven Signs It May Be Time to Switch Things Up

Have you ever come across a person who is close to retirement age and who has worked in…

Have you ever come across a person who is close to retirement age and who has worked in the same position, with the same company their entire life? It’s a pretty unlikely scenario, especially in today’s day and age, where so many industries are going through periods of change and new jobs, are being created while others become obsolete. It’s almost like you need to be flexible and be able to embrace change if you hope to work your entire life, and feel happy with what you do. Statistics show just how often people change careers, which is anywhere between five and seven times in their working life.

So, with that in mind, knowing that changing careers isn’t unheard of and instead it is the norm, how can you tell when the time is right to make that move? How do you know it’s time to switch things up and try a new career? While there will always be a level of doubt and fear attached to changing careers, there are some signs that can point you in the right direction. Here’s a look at the top signs that show it may be time to switch things up.

You No Longer Feel Challenged

Here is one of the strongest signs out there that is may be time for a change. When you first start a job, everything is new, exciting, and of course challenging. Over time, you get more and more comfortable in your role, which means it becomes easier. Before you know it, a person can start to feel as though they are in auto-pilot mode, which may be where you’re at. You are literally just going through the same motions, day in and day out, with nothing exciting or challenging along the way.

Part of no longer feeling challenged might have to do with your own skills and interests too. It’s only natural to develop new skills in your life as well as new interests, but these can actually take you down a path to an exciting new career if you listen to those feelings.

You Need to Make More Money

Another common sign it’s time to switch things up is the need or desire to make more money. Let’s face it, the cost of living never goes down, so your career needs to be able to keep up. Not only that, but it would be nice to not just get by, but be able to pay the bills and have extra to be able to put aside and spend how you like.

Now there are a number of ways you can go about making more money from asking for a raise, to taking on new responsibilities, to getting a new job all together. Sometimes it even makes sense to re-train or further educate yourself so you can remain in the same industry but work in a more senior-level position. 

Let’s say for example you work in the healthcare industry as an RN. Did you know that you can enroll on online RN to Nurse Practitioner programs that make it possible for you to learn all the necessary skills and procedures required to advance in your career? Working as a nurse practitioner allows you to stay in the same industry, yet you’ll make on average 60% more than that of an RN. That is a rather healthy salary increase, and could be more than enough to make you feel happy and satisfied with your job.

The Commute is Killing You

Then there is the fact it may not be the job at all that is wearing you down, rather it is your commute. If you aren’t willing to relocate to be closer to work, then the only other option is to find a job that is closer to where you live. Leaving the house and returning home when it’s dark can not only be depressing, but it’s not healthy for your own well-being. 

Any commute of 10 miles or more each way puts you at an increased risk for depression. It can also cause a rise in blood sugar, and expose you to more air pollution (particle pollution). And if you are stuck in traffic, it can lead to high blood pressure, increase your stress and anger level, and often people eat unhealthy snacks while stuck in traffic.

You Constantly Feel Tired and Stressed Out

Sure, everyone is going to have days where they feel tired and stressed out, but if those days far out-number the ones where you feel great, there is a problem. A little self-reflection is in order so that you can ask yourself whether or not it is your job that is making you feel this way.

You Watch the Clock Each and Every Day

Are you the type that arrives at work each day, only to find yourself looking at the clock immediately and then continuing to do so all day long, every single day? If time feels as though it’s always moving at an excruciatingly slow pace, then there’s a good chance you’re not in the ideal job. It’s not that you can expect time to just fly, but at the same time it shouldn’t occupy your every thought.

You Don’t Like the Company You Work For

Another big red flag is how you feel about your actual employer/company. If you don’t respect, trust, or feel proud of who your employer is, then that will reflect in your work and your attitude. It may be better to find an employer who you do feel comfortable working for.

You Don’t Feel Appreciated and Valued in the Workplace 

Then there is how your employer makes you feel in terms of how appreciated and valued you are in the workplace. This is another big thing for employees. You want to know that your efforts are noticed and that you are getting the credit you deserve.

It May Be Time to Move On

So, if any of these signs sound familiar, then it may be worth asking yourself just how happy you are in your job, and if the time has come to move on.

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