Do’s and Don’t’s of Vaping

There have been critics who are non-vapers that are engaging in discouraging vaping.

There have been critics who are non-vapers that are engaging in discouraging vaping. The negative perspective which they are spreading among people has been aggravated through media reports. As a result, it is necessary for vapers to be cautious when vaping so as not to further portray and escalate the negative perspectives that have already been established by non-vapers which their aim is to initiate and execute clampdown on vaping.

In order to neutralize this negative perspective, there is a need to identify mistakes encountered when vaping and being able to give tips or solutions to questions that are being asked by vapers. When vapers abide by these tips, the negative perspective about vaping from non-vapers won’t be justifiable to stop vaping among individuals. Whatever the reason why you vape, it is necessary you stay clear of mistakes or troubles as far as you can when vaping so as not to endanger yourself or not to make people especially non-vapers around you uncomfortable. So, here are the do’s and don’ts of vaping that you as a vaper need to know so as to stay clear of trouble.


  • Improve your knowledge about vaping and e-cigarettes.

As a vaper, you shouldn’t buy just any type of vaping device and immediately making use of it. There is a need to know the models of vape devices, tanks, coils as well as varieties of vape juices. You can do this by watching videos or reviews on YouTube or learning through the use of search engines, discussion platforms or various vape sites. 

Know the vape mods that can handle the product you vape because not all mods can handle all products

Vapers that are non-smokers should be inclined to juice without nicotine.

Vapers transiting from smoking should be inclined to nicotine juice.

  • Care for the vape juice

Keep vape juice from sunlight or any form of heat to prevent expansion and unpleasant flavor. You can consider putting in the fridge to prevent degradation.

  • Maintenance of vaping devices

Clean the mouthpiece and atomizer effectively. Make sure the battery compartment is clean and connections of the parts free of sticky vape juice or debris.

  • Make use of the pod system coupled with nic salts as they reduce vapor formed while also getting a greater amount of nicotine or non-nicotine contents.
  • Make use of 50/50 PG ratio as it gives more hit than your throat with lesser mist.
  • Exhale your cloud under the desk when vaping at workplace or restaurant to reduce the amount of vapor rising to the surface.
  • Check the burning element before vaping so as to find out if the juice is sufficient before puffing.
  • Cautious of cheap vaping products and devices as most are prone to danger and poses health problems.
  • Replace old elements when required and avoid mistakes when replacing it.
  • Always make sure the tanks are clean before use especially when switching flavors.
  • Exhale vapor up and down to keep it within personal space.
  • Vape in designated smoking areas.


  • Do not vape into someone’s face. It is disrespectful. Moreover, the person may be allergic to it.
  • Do not try to puff e-cigarettes when empty. It causes burning sensation down your throat which can be harmful.
  • Do not hold in a huge drag when vaping.
  • Do not ever blow cloud into your shirt to evade vapor rising.
  • Never try 100% PG.
  • Do not vape in indoor spaces without consent of the owner.
  • Do not vape where there are minors or children.
  • Do not buy vaping devices on behalf of kids or underage teens for vaping because it is illegal.
  • Be conscious of smoke-free spaces and areas.
  • Do not use high powered vape devices in public or crowded places.

It is advisable for newbies to start with basic vaping devices from your local vape shop in Toronto rather than using advanced ones. Also, new vapers should identify their vaping levels. Although, it is common to make mistakes when trying for the first time. Moreover, it is advisable to stick to one flavor.

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