4 Incredible Design Tips with Mirrors

Mirrors are an unpopular decorative material. They are a secret weapon of every interior designer but it never gets enough fanfare for its splendor.

Mirrors are an unpopular decorative material. They are a secret weapon of every home interior designer but it never gets enough fanfare for its splendor. 

Mirrors can be used on walls in various ways. They can amplify light, add drama and splendor along with creating interesting reflections. It is simply astonishing how a mirror changes the look of the room. It transforms the space and surroundings. 

Apart from bathrooms, mirrors can be hung anywhere around the house to give your interior a dazzling look. A framed large-sized mirror can amplify the size of the room while gradient colors add to its uniqueness and show value.

In this article, we have shared some astounding ideas to redesign the interior of your home using nothing but mirrors. 

Brighten Up a Room:

To make a room look brighter and shinier, placing a mirror in the opposite direction of the window will do the job perfectly. 

It will increase the amount of natural light coming from the window and will make it reflect in the whole room. No matter how gloomy the sky looks outside the window, the daylight still reflects beautifully. So the bigger the mirror will be, the brighter the room will look. 

Placing a rose gold mirror on a pinkish wall will make the room glow in golden daylight as it bounces off your correctly placed free-standing or wall-mounted mirror. 

Lightning Dark Hallways:

If you think beyond just the room, then you’ll be able to recognize more places that can benefit from the addition of a mirror. Placing a mirror in a dark entry space or hallway is offers that extra light and is also great as you can catch a glimpse of yourself walking in or out and just perfect your look if needed. 

Mirrors also offer a warm and welcomed look to guests who love to look in the mirror just after coming from somewhere. You can also place a few small flower pots around the mirror to expand the warmness and pleasure. 

Make your hallways a place where you love spending time with friends and loved ones.  

Flicker up Your Fireplace:

For most homes and family members, a fireplace is a peaceful and graceful place to spend time together. Placing a mirror above the fireplace will dictate the place as the center or focal point of the room. 

A small framed mirror that has darker monochromatic colors in it, will give an aesthetic look to the whole place. In fact, a mirror with an ornamental carved frame will give a look of an artistic painting, and will undoubtedly serve as a beautiful decorative piece for your house. 

Enlarge a Room:

Mirrors provide an illusion of space. This is the most common decorative type that is used with mirrors. Enlarging small places with the help of a mirror is a great idea. This idea is implemented mostly by small restaurants and coffee shops to give an illusion of a bigger place. 

If you place a mirror opposite to the wall of a window, it will multiply the look of your particular room.    

Pro tip: To give a touch of modern styling to your hallways, a round mirror, along with rainbow color artificial flowers hung gracefully at the side of it will look absolutely flawless.

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