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Today, we’re all moving towards sustainability, and that signals an end to fast fashion.

Today, we’re all moving towards sustainability, and that signals an end to fast fashion. With more of us choosing to limit the number of new clothes we buy, we have to become more creative at using what we already have to put together versatile yet attractive outfits, and it’s amazing what accessories can do! Add a pearl necklace to a plain black dress, and suddenly, you’re channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn. Add some sparkling diamonds (real or paste) to the same dress, and you’re ready to go to any formal event! 

It’s clear that accessories can make or break any outfit, but how do you choose the right ones for you? Here, we take a closer look at some of the most stylish accessories for every season so you can take your wardrobe to new heights of elegance without having to hit the high street on a weekly basis!

An Elegant Necklace

The right necklace can take any ordinary outfit to a whole new level of style. Subtle, yet elegant, it can add class to a simple dress, taking you from day to night in an instant. None are better than a gold eternity rose necklace. Available in two styles, these pretty 24 karat gold pendants feature real miniature rose petals which have been glazed and decorated with stunning synthetic diamonds to add a touch of sophistication to even the plainest dress or trouser suit combo.

A Silk Scarf

Is there any accessory more versatile than the humble silk scarf? Of course, you could always wear it casually around your neck, but there are so many other options. Tie it to your bag as a gorgeous additional detail or wear it in your hair for a touch of Bohemian chic. You could even turn it into a 1920s-inspired turban! Choose a neutral colour, and it’ll work with every outfit in your wardrobe.

A Statement Hairband

Whether you have long or short hair, a statement hairband is a must-have accessory for every season. The style you choose will depend on the shape of your face, but there is a wealth of options to choose from. Jewelled bands are effortlessly stylish and can be used to dress up any outfit by adding a hint of sparkle. Add to a chic up-do or chignon for a formal event or wear with a loose, shabby-chic ponytail to add a little extra glamour to the everyday. 

A Statement Tote Bag

Every lady needs a good handbag, and what could be better than a classic tote? Large enough to accommodate all your accessories, these oversized bags are perfect for almost every occasion thanks to their spaciousness. Choose a statement bag that complements your style – perhaps in a brightly colour or pattern, or one with a dramatic embellishment – that can take you wherever you want to go in style.

A Pair of Oversized Sunglasses

Come rain or shine, a pair of oversized sunglasses will add a touch of mystery appeal and movie-star chic to both formal and simple outfits alike. Cats eye designs never go out of style, especially when embellished with sparkles or decorative details. Of course, sunglasses really come into their own on sunny days, but why not pop on a pair on cloudy days too? After all, they can hide the after-effects of all those late nights!

These are just some of the must-have accessories that will take you through every season of the year. When you want to look effortlessly elegant every day of the week, these simple additions will lift any outfit and take it to a whole new level of style.

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