Taylor Swift Cancels Performance at Australian Horse Racing Event After the Protests from Animal Rights Activists

The scheduled performance by Taylor Swift at Melbourne Cup horse racing event in Australia has been canceled.

The scheduled performance by Taylor Swift at Melbourne Cup horse racing event in Australia has been canceled.  This development came in response to the protests from animal rights activists that objected the ill-treatment of horses.

Taylor Swift was scheduled to stage a performance on November 5, at the Victoria Racing Club as part of her latest album promotion tour.  In a turn of events, the Victoria Racing Club issued a statement announcing the cancellation on Saturday. The disclosure by the club stated that Taylor Swift will no longer be able to perform at the Melbourne Cup’s event as a result of changes in her Asian promotional tour.

According to a CNN report, the cancellation is an aftermath of appeals to Swift to say “#NupToTheCup.”  by numerous animal right group. Some of the groups involved in lobbying the singer to boycott the event include The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses and PETA.

Although Taylor Swift backed out of this event, there still plenty of other previews for horse racing events to which you may find suitable for you.

Earlier this month, the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses wrote a post on the Facebook page of the organization about the scheduled performance of Tailor Swift. The post narrated how at least six horses have been killed during the event over the last six years. The post also berated the artist for agreeing to perform in such an event saying she has placed money before compassion.

In the same post, the animal rights agency asserted that Swift could have used her influence to support the crusade against horse cruelty in the racing industry by declining the offer to perform. “If Taylor Swift cares at all about other animals the way she appears to care about cats, she will cancel her show and make a strong statement that animal abuse is unacceptable,” the Facebook post continued.

Both Swift and the Melbourne Cup remain silent regarding the role of the animal rights activists in the gig cancellation. However, the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses was vocal in praising Swift’s decision to cancel the scheduled performance in a Facebook post that reads, “THANK YOU TAYLOR! We are absolutely delighted with the news,”

In the same post, the organization recalled that there was enormous pressure on Tailor Smith to cancel her performance at the racing event.  “Her fans were against her performing at an event that supports the abuse of animals, “they wrote on Facebook. 

The animal rights organization sounded a note of victory, saying that they believe the cancellation was as a result of those calls and not a schedule mix-up, as cited by the racing industry. They claim that the racing event is a national disgrace, an event that thrives on the abuse and suffering of horses, and unworthy of any type of support.  The organization said that they are on watch to see if another artist will be announced.

A statement issued by Moira Colley; the PETA Press Outreach Manager expressed the delight of the organization as Tailor Swift will no longer be performing at the Melbourne Cup. Moira recalled that past events are riddled with horse breakdowns and deaths.  She claimed that the event collaborates with the recently exposed infamous horse slaughter industry in South Korea. On the final note, she stressed that all the cruel acts being perpetrated by these organizations do not align with the personality of Taylor Swift.

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