Top 3 Mods for Harley -Davidson Street Glide

Your Street Glide has the ultimate cruiser visual appeal, great on-road performance and plenty of power to get you to any destination on the map.

Your Street Glide has the ultimate cruiser visual appeal, great on-road performance and plenty of power to get you to any destination on the map. What more could you want? The truth is, while your ride might seem entirely perfect, there’s no factory bike that can’t be improved on with a few mods here and there. Harley-Davidson models in particular are well-built for customizations and updates, allowing you to build onto an already awesome base to create a bike that truly caters to every need you have while you’re on the road. These top 3 mods for Harley-Davidson Street Glide can help you get the most out of your ride regardless of where your next destination might be.


Installing new tires should always be the first aftermarket parts for Harley-Davidson Street Glide you invest in if you’re looking to get a little more speed and performance out of a bike. Options like Dunlop American Elite Motorcycle Tires or Bridgestone Exedra Max Cruiser and Touring Tires are designed to hold up against those lengthy on-road rides you may take now and again, and provide reliable grip and traction that keeps you moving forward in almost any conditions. Furthermore, investing in tires with interesting tread patterns gives your bike another dimension of visual appeal that spices up your style while you’re on the move.


If style and a pristine appearance is a big concern for you, then investing in new fenders is an absolute must. Installing pieces like the Biker’s Choice Fat Bob Rear Fender or a wrapped front fender can completely transform the look of your Street Glide, and gives you the opportunity to really make your bike something unique. Whether you choose to keep things simple or add a splash of bold color or design, adding an aftermarket fender is the perfect way to differentiate your bike from other Street Glides out there.


Fenders aren’t the only Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts online that set your ride apart from the rest. If you really want to make a statement, consider incorporating plastics and other types of bodywork into your ride’s design. These range from fairing support brackets to much larger parts like Arlen Ness Custom Side Covers. Whether small or large, these pieces add a new dimension to your Street Glide’s appearance while performing crucial tasks. For example, Alloy Art Strong Fairing Support Brackets offer the crucial support needed to upgrade your bike’s sound system, while side covers provide a smooth flow between your tank and saddlebags while offering your legs plenty of space and providing the perfect canvas for custom paint jobs.

The Street Glide’s classic look is hard to beat, but as an avid biker you’re sure to want a bike that’s completely “you” while you’re on the go, that expresses your personal style at a quick glance as you zip by on your next tour. These mods are designed to get you just that, but there are dozens of other upgrades to choose from that help you build a bike that both looks and runs superbly in every situation. Check out available mods online or in your local bike shop to find cheap motorcycle aftermarket parts to build an unbeatable Harley-Davidson experience.

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