Myths and Truths about CBD

Although CBD oil is not a new product, it certainly has re-entered the cultural conversation in a new way recently.

Although CBD oil is not a new product, it certainly has re-entered the cultural conversation in a new way recently. CBD oil is an extract from the cannabis plant and has earned its confusing reputation due to the inherent connection to marijuana, which is still currently illegal in many parts of the United States. CBD oil is different from marijuana, and it’s important to understand the distinction between design and usage. CBD oil often gets dismissed as a wellness trend or hippie pseudoscience when in reality there are many great ways that CBD can help an individual. Take a look at these myths and truths about CBD and consider how a nearby CBD fulfillment center might be able to assist in making the best decisions.

Scientific Background

One of the most dismissive myths on CBD is that there isn’t any scientific proof to show that it has benefits related to relieving anxiety, stress, seizures, headaches, or physical joint-related ailments. The science is actually pretty easy to find: one of the first results from a simple internet search will yield a study from Harvard that breaks down medical clarifications on CBD. Perhaps the most important takeaway and the easiest to share is that the oil and the products that incorporate the oil do not cause a “high.” There is no evidence of health issues connected to CBD. This study is simply one result of many, and putting in even the minimal amount of research can help educate anyone that might be having trouble understanding the difference between CBD and marijuana.

CBD also has great benefits for the pets. You may not realize that CBD oil for dogs and cats is now making great strides in the ways we are able to help support our four-legged family members.

The FDA has approved medications that contain this ingredient as well, and there is perhaps no higher source for the general public in the United States than the Food and Drug Administration. For any residents in other countries or those that would appreciate an additional source beyond the FDA, there are some high-profile studies that have been conducted in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Brazil. Perhaps more importantly, the data from these studies conclusively show similarities along the same lines and assert the positives regarding anxiety solutions, dissolution of cancerous cells, and seizure relief. 

Industry Myths

Some consumers are concerned that the CBD industry is similar to marijuana. This connection is difficult, clearly, to eliminate on multiple fronts. However, the CBD industry is legitimized (and continues to become more legitimized) through its operational proceedings beyond the marijuana industry that has adapted to varying legal restrictions over the past few decades as cultural norms continue to shift and change. While it’s fair for consumers to be skeptical about new products arriving on the market, there are some easy checkpoints to make sure a product comes from a trusted source. Companies that mention FDA approval and are able to back up ingredients or distribution with simple information that doesn’t read as unnecessarily defensive shouldn’t contain risks. 

Of course, as a fairly new commercial industry, there are still things being learned about CBD and its related products every single day. It’s hard to deny the positives of a product that relieves cancer-related symptoms, though. Even dismissive critics would have a difficult time ignoring the inherent goodness of a product that could reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea, vomiting, and pain. A product that helps to reduce the risk of seizures and can stabilize the brain is a great development for many communities. As more research is being conducted, there aren’t yet fully conclusive answers on the subjects, but there is positive evidence for diabetes prevention, tumor prevention, and substance abuse stabilizing. As with any new industry, it’s fair to have questions and skepticism, but hopefully, as information continues to be dispersed, more people can be comfortable with the benefits of CBD.  If buying CBD oil online, it’s always important to due your due diligence. Look for CBD oil reviews for the company, read customer’s feedback and check to see the level of transparency offered by the brand. We recommend cbdMD, although there are plenty of other solid offerings on the CBD market.

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