Cool Ideas to Decorate Your Teenage Boy’s Room

The day when your child hits the teenage, you know it is time to make so many changes.

The day when your child hits the teenage, you know it is time to make so many changes. You might be gearing up to change your parenting techniques to handle your teen-boy, but don’t forget about the living space your boy is going to live. He is no more ready to live in his childhood room decorated with plushies, animal wallpapers, and alphabets carved rug. But he might also not be willing to embrace sophisticated decor items in his room. You see, decorating a room for a teen boy is a lot more complicated than you think!

The key is to create a room that reflects his newly changed tastes while giving him the freedom to do what he wants as well as sticking to the practical aspects. Whether it is about adding your teen’s newly-made favourite colors in the room, creating a viable study corner or adding decor that will have minimum makeover cost once your teenage boy will grow up, here are some inspiring ideas to pull for the right room:

Be Creative with the Walls:

You know your teenager wouldn’t like Tom and Jerry wallpapers, but he is also not ready to go all beige yet. You might think that bold colour paints will be the perfect match to his newly acquired sense of freedom, but what if he will get fed up with the colour within the next two months (Trust me, it is likely to happen!)?

There is no end to the mood swings of the teenagers. So, you should be prepared to cater to their mood swings. Instead of painting, go with the mural as they are easy to install and take off. Choose a design from the vast collection of murals from that fit your teen’s taste.

Add Storage Space:

You know teenagers’ life is just so chaotic to keep the room organized. Not enough space would mean a constant struggle for you to keep your boy’s room organized and on the place. Trouser sprawled on the back of the chair, zipper placed on the writing-table, books lying on the corner of the room, and shoes snoozing under the bed – just imagine how annoying it will be. So, it is better to add plenty of shelving and storage options to lessen the possibility of mess. Just make sure that all the shelves and cabinets go with the style of the room. You can also check out Pinterest and popular home organization blogs for cabinet, shelves or even shoe rack ideas for small spaces and wider ones.

Don’t Forget Funky Touch:

Don’t forget that your teen boy has just passed his childhood age. Though he might tell you daily that he has grown up, still a part of him gets excited over little fun things. You can hang his childhood’s funny picture, paint quotes on the wall, or put a guitar in the corner. It will give a perfect transition to his room from childhood to teenage mood before entering the adult phase.

Aren’t these ideas the best quick-trick to decorate your teenage boy’s room while holding fun and practically in hand?

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